Aayushi Jaswani

Influencer Ops/Gram Guru

A millennial who lives off makeup palettes, pizza and reruns of Gilmore Girls, Aayushi will most likely max out her credit card at Sephora. Things you’ll find her doing after midnight — wolfing down Maggi with her eyes glued to a horror flick. Apart from living the Kylie Jenner life one day, she also dreams of buying her own house.

Akansha Tidke

Product Development/Geek In The House

When she’s not cooking up a storm in the lab or in the kitchen, you’ll find Akansha cackling away to Chandler Bing jokes for the nth time. When you meet her, ask her to tell you all about her dreams to go on a world tour, own a house and run an old-age home.

Amit Maloo

Founding Member/Financial Wizard

You'd be lying if you said that you spotted a grumpy Amit. You'd also be lying if you said that you spotted Amit saying no to good food. The OG number whisperer, this is the guy you run to for financial advice. A family man and an amazing chef, Amit is always up for learning something new.

Ashutosh Kumar

Graphic Design/Mr.Creativity

A sucker for home-cooked food, Ashutosh is our resident ‘Gram influencer. With over 10k followers of his Instagram page, AK would burn money at a Balenciaga store or on a mad expensive superbike if he could. Serial re-watcher of ‘Sacred Games’, life would be A1 for Ashu if he could eat anything without a worry, get an insane number of pets or travel to Iceland!

Avneeet Singh Chawla

Media Strategist/The Ad Guy

Need a silly joke, stat? Here’s your guy! This doting father also manages a second full-time job — keeping his toddler entertained with his awkward dance moves. When he’s not showing off his son’s uber-cute baby videos to the world, Avneet is probably sobbing away to a Shah Rukh Khan movie playing on his home-theatre system.

Deepak Jaswani

COO/The Orchestrator

Hailing from the entertainment industry, Deepak is ‘DJ’ to the world. When he’s not crooning to his favourite playlist, you’ll find DJ digging into Continental cuisine, re-bingeing on 'Narcos' or daydreaming of a traffic-jam free Mumbai. Bring him back to Earth by asking him to bend his little finger all the way back for you (secret skill shhh).

Gita Baratam

Strategic Alliances/The Dealmaker

For Gita, beauty was nowhere on the horizon until DoYou happened. On most days, she is like a kid in a candy store — the smallest of things get her excited. Think the next bowl of spaghetti or the next sale at Zara. Say hello to a musichead who dotes on her container garden and loves to hunt Dragons in Skyrim when she isn't daydreaming of moving to the mountains.

Maitreyee Raje

Product Management/Pixel Warrior

Sure, no one asked, but a few fool-proof bribes for Maitreyee are a bottomless bowl of Ramen, a forever-brewing pot of bubble tea or a Pottery Barn gift card. A self-confessed food addict, Maitreyee spends her free time either experimenting with food or dreaming about it. Brb, she’s currently working towards getting her hands on either Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak or a one-way ticket to Japan.

Manali Mehta

Customer Care/The Spokesperson

Manali is very likely to skip a plan with her friends for a rerun of Virgin River and a bucket of vanilla ice-cream. When she isn’t actually dreaming (serial sleeper alert), you’ll find her day-dreaming either about a world without animal abuse, a splurge sesh at Sephora or a one-way ticket to Switzerland.

Minu Srivastava

Consumer Insights & Prod. Dev./Product Whiz

Often mistaken for a nerdy scientist, you’ll find Minu either learning a new craft or rewatching 'Game of Thrones' on an off day. Ask her to pick between fish and paneer and she'll quit. Her life goals include moving to the mountains and we aren't surprised that she's already made headway on her post-retirement dream home in Himachal Pradesh

Mousree Paul

Content Creator/Resident Wordsmith

A typical Bengali and a wordsmith by chance, Mousree is constantly wondering about either what'll go on the epitaph or which doggo nose to boop next. Life goals include living by the ocean, having more tattoos than she can count and running a shelter for stray dogs. Oh, and if missing, check the beach, the bar or the bed.

Nirmesh Prakash


When Nirmesh isn’t chatting with pretty women about their favourite skincare products, you’ll find him slathering on one himself to test its efficacy. Other words that light up his eyes are Batman, Jalebis and travel. Skilled in the art of making beds and making processes out of processes, don’t be surprised when Mr.CEO turns into a full-time traveller.

Nitin Jaiswal

Video Editing/Mr.Slice 'n' Splice

When Nitin said he can’t get enough of both, Chinese cuisine and the show ‘Dark’, we decided that we like him already! A gym rat and travel junkie, it’s not surprising that his post-retirement plans include a world tour. Though the guy takes pride in his anger-management skills, poverty, pollution and racism are things that make him lose his nerve.

Pavitra Kalyanasundaram

Consumer Experience/The Navigator

Plant mom and budding vocalist, trust Pavitra to never have enough of chai, walnut brownies and ‘The Big Bang Theory’. A sucker for long drives, she is hopeful that one day, a road will lead her to either Vietnam or Seychelles. A chill farm life with kids to teach and music to dance to equates to happy old-age living for Pavitra.

Rajeev Agrawal

Founding Member/Crystal Gazer

In a twisted game of destiny, we had to bid goodbye to Rajeev before our launch. A private person, Rajeev was intuitive, transparent and easily the most intelligent person in the room. One of Rajeev’s greatest strengths at work was his ability to break complex issues into layman’s terms, something that the team dearly misses. Born Bright will always be inspired by his farsighted vision.

Rishika Agrawal

Tech - Project Mgt./Tech Connoisseur

Affectionately called ‘Lady Sheldon’ (cue: The Big Bang Theory) owing to her immense love for Physics, two things that keep Rishika going are her baby boy, Aarush and her husband’s dream project, Born Bright. When she’s not enjoying a moment of solitude with a good book and a cappuccino, you’ll find her either planning her dream trip to Morocco or digging into scrumptious Italian cuisine.

Sakshi Alim

Operations - Fulfillment Specialist

Ask Sakshi about her guilty pleasures in life and she’ll slyly tell you how she thrives on proving her husband wrong. A sucker for seafood, Sakshi is an unapologetic re-watcher of ‘Game of Thrones’. There’s rarely anything that she loves more than an elaborate breakfast tray right on her bed or the idea of a world tour, one that starts in Switzerland. As much as Sakshi loves her financial independence right now, she can’t wait to turn her dream of owning a post-retirement home in Kerala into a reality.

Santosh Salunkhe

Office Admin/Busy Bee

If Born Bright is a well-oiled machine, Santosh is the oil. A non-negotiable part of the team, a day without Santosh is capable of wreaking havoc. Apart from maintaining documents, he also goes out of his way to keep a close tab on each team member’s well-being.

Sarabjeet Kaur

E-Commerce/The Rainmaker

If you’re ever looking to bribe this feisty Punjaban, try aloo paranthas, dark chocolate, the smoothest whiskey or a Sabyasachi lehenga. Sarab believes the world would be a much better place with an endless supply of stationery. She’ll be the happiest the day she travels to space but until then, Iceland will work just fine (hello, Northern Lights)!

Sonica Chetty

Graphic Design/Dream Weaver

Sonix to her close peeps, Sonica is gifted with the superpower of using things for really long without making them look worn-out. Ace cupboard organiser, Sonica dreams of world peace, a possible end to climate change and a trip to Japan. Oh, and when you meet her, remember to ask her about all the cool things she plans to weave with her loom after retirement.