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Cosmetologist by day and kitchen beauty queen by night, Megha gives the word ‘millennial’ a whole new meaning. Career-driven and an absolute perfectionist, trust her to go through life with a no-filter attitude.


A popular RJ at a radio station, Rebecca is an out-and-out dreamer whose drugs include her financial independence and her dog, Nawab. On most days, you’ll find her falling asleep to a podcast, playing the guitar, and just ogling at the spectacular sky.


Fascinated by art and passionate about climate change, Shamita is a jewellery designer who lives a minimalistic life with utmost humility and practicality. Equally active on social media and in the gym, she considers cooking and mountaineering as forms of therapy.


A small-town girl, Mallika’s all about the flashy (read: shallow) city life — money, glamour, self-obsession, casual relationships… you get the gist. Thanks to her twisted sense of integrity, she will do whatever it takes to please people in power and climb the ladder.

Nandini Dewan

Boss to Megha, words that describe ND best are sarcastic, relentless, and perfectionist. Always a sight to behold, Nandini Dewan believes that there’s no substitute for hard work and will not accept anything but the best.

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DoYou is an ode to your busy life and class juggling act — our offering to you is beauty that doesn’t feel like another checkbox in your to-do list. Here, everything starts with you and your need for uncomplicated beauty.

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You’re constantly hustling, who’s got the time to browse through preachy beauty textbooks? Enter BEAUTY MAG — bite-sized, on-the-go beauty for the on-the-go woman.

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Melanin is the pigment that determines the colour of your skin — skin pigmentation occurs when melanin production in the body goes awry. When overproduced, skin gets darker than its normal tone and it's called hyperpigmentation. When it's underproduced, skin gets lighter than its normal tone and it's called hypopigmentation. Geddit?

Salicylic Acid

The ingredient that's taken the pledge to combat acne no matter what the skin tone or type. It isn't afraid to penetrate and invade the deeper layers of your skin to do its job, making it one of the most effective acne warriors out there. Oh, and even though its an 'acid', its 100% skin-safe so you can lose that frown.


This is the seal that brands use to indicate that their products contain relatively fewer allergy-producing substances. However, it's also true that 'hypoallergenic' has NO agreed-upon legal definition. So best to be safe and sample your products, hon.

pH Levels

Short for potential hydrogen, the pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered neutral. While the lower levels are acidic, the upper numbers are alkaline. Fun fact — for your skin cells, the magic number is 5.5... that's when your skin functions as a true protective barrier. Cue to look for products whose pH level matches your skin's pH level.


The protein that makes 80% of the skin — it is what lends the skin firmness and keeps wrinkles at bay. In other words, what we're praying to God for all day, erryday!

Crow's feet

These are fine lines and wrinkles around the corner of our eyes (resembling a crow's feet). Causes? Sun damage, hormonal changes and even smiling! While crow's feet can't entirely be healed, it can be helped with an eye cream for starters.