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Why An ‘All Skin Types’ Product Could Actually Benefit Your Skin

Why a product meant to cater to every skin type can help reduce the clutter in your beauty cabinets

Skincare is a cluttered world today—it’s excessive and confusing.

Even with a passing interest in vanity, you probably still know about the 6-step and 12- step beauty routines. You may, even, already have an obsession with one (hey, no judgement).

There was a time when investing in beauty meant an occasional trip to the local apothecary and only if you really needed it. This was before the selfies, the Instagram filters and the Kardashians. Fast forward to 2019 and suddenly everyone is talking about skincare.

We ourselves have had enough run–ins with the big K-beauty routines before rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Amidst all this clutter, we found the concept of skincare minimalism—a refreshing idea that makes skincare simple yet efficient. So when a recent beauty enthusiast asked us the difference between using an all-skin type product and specific skin-type products, we immediately volunteered to lend our two cents keeping this angle in mind…

Your skin can change with the weather

Skin changes with every season—it might be oily during the summers but could be excruciatingly dry in the winters. This leaves you with little reason to purchase products targeted at a certain skin type. What we’re trying to imply is that what if there was a product that was gentle enough to work on all skin types and balance the oils in your skin, thereby ensuring it doesn’t get too dry or too oily!

An all-skin types product focuses on efficacy

Your skin can change due to many reasons—from hormonal fluctuations to diet choices (an overdose of those extra greasy French fries might actually alter your skin type). Hence, buying a product meant for a certain skin type that you might have now, might be futile later, because your skin may not have the same texture later. In such times, ‘all-skin types’ products just seem like a simplistic and safer bet compared to the umpteen number of products in the market. These products are packed with goodness and focus more on the efficacy angle such if they are deep cleansing, are they intensely hydrating or do they remove every trace of makeup without robbing your skin of its natural oils?

It’s time to de-clutter and make things simplistic

The 12-step skincare routine might be Korean skin care’s biggest selling point but is it really practical? Do you have the time to slather on 12 skincare products? Moreover, in a routine that extensive, how will you ever tell what’s actually working for your skin? What you probably need is a handful of products that truly focus on the health of your skin!

We get your temptation when it comes to buying it all out there—you’ll give in to all those fancy buzzwords of clean beauty, cruelty-free or organic and your #shelfie will look so on-trend. But will it guarantee happy and healthy skin? Perhaps not. Our suggestion—go the Marie Kondo route and minimise your skincare routine with products that work for every skin type so that when your skin is undergoing any changes due to the weather or your diet, you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount on several other products.

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