Are You Aware Of These Beauty Slang Terms?

  • Time 3 min
  • Date August 3, 2020
It’s 2020—get with these beauty slang words already!

“That highlighter palette, I can’t even… it’s fit for the Gods!”

“Her cut crease was so on fleek, I cried a little on the inside”

If you felt the above mentioned beauty slang words on a visceral level, here’s nodding at you, gurl! If you somehow lost track, don’t worry ‘coz we’re breakin’ it down for you. Welcome to beauty slang 101, circa the dawn of the millennials.

For the Gods

A rather emotive beauty slang used when a makeup product or your makeup application is so divine, it simply isn’t meant for humans anymore. It’s meant for the Gods!

“Oh hell yaaass, this gloss is, for thaa Gods!”

Cut Crease

This beauty slang borrows from an eyeshadow technique that emphasizes and gives definition to the crease of the eye, through the use of contrasting eyeshadow. The result? Bigger-looking eyes.

“Can we take a moment to appreciate that perfect cut crease?”


This beauty slang revolves around a makeup look that addresses the face [phase] ‘in-between’ strobing and contouring. Think, the glowy effect of highlighters on well-hydrated skin. Radiance abundance! You need only 3 products to achieve this look—primer, tinted moisturiser and highlighter. 

“Haven’t you heard? Thursdays are for non-touring”


Contouring, but make it semi-permanent. This beauty slang means swapping your bronzer with a self-tanner for a well-sculpted face that lasts for days. Call it the other end of non-touring. 

“Finna make contouring my way of life…with tan touring”

Beauty Slang

Giving Life

The hyperbolic version of ‘I love this’ and millennial for when your FOTD or OOTD is so good, it goes beyond vibes and validation — it gives you life. Definitely a beauty slang we’re going to use often! 

“That highlighter of yours is literally giving me life RN!”


A combo of the words ‘soft’ and ‘ombre’! You guessed it — sombre is a softer version of ombre hair. This is when your hair lightens from the roots to the ends but the transition looks way more subtle and almost natural. 

“You could either go completely balayage or you could try a Sombre”


The cooler way of saying ‘cheaper alternatives for expensive skincare/ makeup products’. Dupes aren’t fake, they’re duplicates, meaning they’re similar to the OG products but can also save you a lot of money because they cost so little [and may/may not be as effective either].

“Why don’t you just pick a dupe of this instead, if you’re on a budget?”

Beat Face

This beauty slang means a flawlessly made up face. This one works interchangeably with ‘for the gods’ and ‘LIT’ — a good addition to your beau-cabulary nonetheless for when you want to switch things up.

“Oh, her skin looks so good; she’s bringing her beat face today”