5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Next Face wash

  • Time 4 min
  • Date September 15, 2020
A skin care routine without the right face wash? Such a skin sin! The correct face wash is the foundation of good skin. A face wash rids the skin of impurities and readies it for further application of skincare products. However, certain face washes can be damaging to the skin. If you’ve been looking for the perfect face wash, this simple checklist will help you!

From serums to masks to toners, a dizzying number of products are hitting the shelves month after month. However, one product has continued to be indispensable over all these years. Face wash—the holy grail! It frees the skin of dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities.

But do you know how to choose the right face wash for your skin? Using the wrong one is easily one of the biggest face-washing mistakes you could make. The next time you go face wash hunting, no pressure but it would help if you’d ask yourself the following questions…

Will it dry me out?

It’s important to look for a face wash that doesn’t wash away more than it should. The wrong one can, in fact, leave your skin dry and dehydrated. Ouch!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why:


All that lather doesn’t just smell good but also feels amazing.
Moreover, many of us believe that more the foam, the better the product.
A foaming face wash can, at times, cause dryness. So before choosing a foaming face wash, do a patch test and see if it suits you.

An imbalanced pH

Remember those little colour-changing strips from Chemistry class? Yes, we’re talking pH values!
All that tightness after cleansing your face could be because your face wash has a really high pH (it’s alkaline in nature). This harms the skin’s natural barrier and dries it out. The magic pH value for a face wash is 4.5-5.5, which is also the skin’s natural pH.

Will it cleanse my skin deeply?

Your skin puts up with a lot of stressors on a daily basis. Dust, dirt, pollution, the sun and residual skincare are just to name a few.

When pollution and dirt attach themselves to the skin (eww), they break down collagen (the protein that keeps the skin firm and supple) thereby hurting your skin’s natural barrier. On the other hand, harmful UV rays are the #1 cause of premature ageing, hyperpigmentation and allergies.

So the next time you’re browsing for a face wash, look for one that offers deep cleansing. Not only will it clear all that dirt lingering on your skin but also cleanse beyond the outer layer!

Deep cleansing ensures that your skin is completely free from all sorts of harmful agents!

Buying Facewash

Is it safe for my skin?

This one tops our “how to choose the right face wash for your skin” checklist. While choosing a one we often look for one that’s meant for our skin type. Sure, that seems logical but do we ignore the part where even a face wash for our skin type might contain ingredients that may not suit our skin? Watch out for greenwashing labels like natural. We often gravitate towards buying all natural products but unfortunately, the term ‘natural’ has no regulations in the skincare industry. Many believe that natural = safe, but a lot of ingredients in natural skincare products might actually cause irritation to the skin. So before you pick up a face wash, read the product labels and understand if your skin will tolerate the ingredients present.

Talking of product labels…

Do I know the big jargon on the label?

We don’t want you to feel perplexed as you read through labels. Big jargon and words can do that to the best of us.

If there’s any term you do not understand, reach out for help. If not, simply Google your way through it.

Here’s jargon a good face wash would have the tag of:

  1. Non-Comedogenic: Doesn’t clog pores and helps prevent acne
  2. Hypoallergenic: Contains relatively fewer allergy-producing substances

Is it gentle?

In pursuit of cheap and immediate fixes, many end up buying a face wash that does more harm than good. A good way to tell if your face wash is gentle for your skin is to assess how your skin reacts after application. Any kind of stinging, burning or itching is a big warning sign.

After all, the last thing you want is for your face cleanser to irritate the skin.

With these simple tips under your belt, you’ll be able to make better face-wash-buying decisions!