5 Causes Of Chapped Lips, Plus How To Heal Them

  • Time 3 min
  • Date September 11, 2020
No amount of lip balms able to soften your chapped lips? Pout so parched that it could give the Sahara Desert a run for its money? Well, before you hit the panic button, let’s get a hold of the causes of chapped lips. Scroll down to find out.

We’ll start with a shocker — did you know that your pout dries so quickly because there are no sweat glands in the area! Yep, now you know why it feels like your lips are going through a never-ending dry spell. However, chapped lips are a whole different ball game. If you’re one whose flaky, parched lips are a constant cause of worry, there’s nowhere you should rather be other than this webpage. Here’s the lowdown on the causes of chapped lips and a quick bonus section on how to heal them.

Causes Of Chapped Lips

Sun Damage

Our lips are 100 times more sensitive than our fingertips and that’s reason enough to take sun protection for your pout more seriously. Not only does prolonged sun exposure lead you to chapped lips, but it also majorly heightens lip sensitivity.


Much like our skin, environmental pollutants end up sucking moisture from our lips too. Add to that the oxidative stress that our skin is constantly subjected to and dry lips turn into chapped lips in no time.

Drying Lipsticks

Do your lips approve of your obsession with drying lipsticks? Think about it — if the formula ends up settling in the cracks of your chapped, flaky lips in an hour of application, what’s even the point?

Air Conditioning

If you’ve not yet noticed the adverse changes in your lip texture during an entire day of working in an air-conditioned space, this is your wakeup call.

Lip Licking

Feels good in the moment, right? Ah, only if you knew that that short-lived relief actually makes it worse in the long run. Saliva evaporates quickly, thereby leaving your pout feeling drier than before.

Causes Of Chapped Lips

How To Heal Chapped Lips:

  • Nothing replaces the hydration boost of water itself. So, here we are saying it again, DRINK. WATER. NOW!
  • Chapped lips need greater nourishment than what an average lip balm can provide. Enter — lip serum! Their higher absorption power allows them to heal from the inside.
  • Stop licking, biting or picking at your lips. The tricky bit is that there’s no way out of this other than you making a conscious effort to break the habit.
  • If you can’t dial down your usage of lipsticks, dial up the usage of overnight lip care formulas.
  • Using a lip scrub to keep dead skin on the down-low is a good idea. However, ensure that the exfoliating formula isn’t too harsh and you’re using it in moderation.

If you tend to breathe through your mouth while sleeping, consider placing a humidifier in your room.