Day And Night Creams: Why We Need Them Both

  • Time 3 min
  • Date August 3, 2020
Day and night creams help hydrate the skin but they also address different skin concerns. Read on to find out more on the difference between the two…

Moisturisers are the superheroes our skin truly needs. It’s our companion on days when our skin is parched after a night of too many drinks. It’s our BFF in the winters when our skin feels dry as a desert. But mostly, it’s our go-to on days when our face looks dull and lacklustre. It won’t be wrong to say that when it comes to skin care, moisturiser is key.

We expect our moisturisers to do it all—hydrate, brighten, soothe, plump and tighten our skin. While some of us prefer a minimal regimen and opt for the same moisturiser during the day and night, many of us hold a night cream in high regard. That being said, do we truly need both? Here’s a low-down on a day cream and a night cream. Find out what makes them different from one another and see for yourself if you need to use both…

What’s special about day creams?

Day creams are lightweight moisturisers that are easily absorbed into the skin. Day creams can be used under makeup because they are lightweight. Hence, provide a smooth canvas for concealer/foundation to glide on smoothly. But the bigger reason why a day cream is effective and meant for the day, in particular, is because day creams offer sun protection. Your skin is a victim of environmental stressors—the sun and pollution during the day. So a day cream is targeted at skin protection. Day creams contain SPF which help your skin win the battle against UV radiation. They also contain certain antioxidants that help fight pollution and dirt during the day. This is why a day cream is crucial to your skincare routine.

Day and Night Cream

How do night creams help?

We get it—the only thing you can reach out for after a tiring workday is your bed. A night cream might seem a bit of an ordeal but truth be told—this one step before hitting the bed can easily save your skin from so many woes. Much like your body, night time is when your skin goes into repair mode. At this time it’ll regenerate and restore itself from all the pollution and sun it’s gone through during the day.

In addition to a good night’s sleep, what can you do to help your skin heal? Rely on a night cream! Night creams help your skin regain its luminosity and strength—things it loses while fighting environmental aggressors during the day. Night creams are usually rich and contain slow-absorbing ingredients that help your skin recover all through the night. Since your skin isn’t exposed to the sun at night, this is its window for recovery. Moreover, night creams often contain anti-aging ingredients that help boost collagen production thereby helping your skin keep wrinkles at bay.

Embrace a day and night regimen

There’s no hard and fast rule to skincare—using a night cream during the day won’t exactly harm your skin. But if you truly wish to maximise skincare results, the ideal thing to do is use a day and night cream both so that your skin is well protected during the day and it’s able to recover and rejuvenate at night. The choice is yours and based on your schedule. If you truly want to take skincare into your hands, using a day and night cream would be the best way to give your skin that much-need TLC.