All About Glass Skin—The Trend That Promises Dewy Skin

  • Time 3 min
  • Date August 3, 2020
If you’re a ‘gram addict, you’ve probably seen the K-beauty trend—glass skin doing the rounds. What is it about this trend that makes it such a rage RN? Think of it as luminous, dewy skin or even a glow that’s tough to overlook. If you’re sold on this, read on to find out more about the trend.

What is Glass Skin?

Glass skin, as the name suggests, is skin that pretty much resembles glass. Think clear skin that’s dewy, radiant and oh-so-magnificent, leaving absolutely no room for imperfections such as enlarged pores, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Basically, porcelain skin from 2016 gets a classy new upgrade — or should we say, glassy.

How can I get Glass Skin?

You’re probably wondering—I want glass skin but I hardly have the time! Reserve glass skin for a day of self-care (don’t tell us you don’t have one!). We’re not asking you to go with an exhaustive 12-step routine; just a couple of steps and you’ll have the answer to how to get glass skin at home!

There’s no hard and fast to this, but cleansing is usually a good start. Do away with excess oil and makeup residue from last night and just let your skin breathe. The key is to have smooth, breathable skin as base. If this calls for a double cleanse, don’t hesitate.

Next up is exfoliation. Clear your skin of all the dirt and dead cells, so it feels light and fresh. Exfoliation also unclogs your pores so your base is evened out.

Now, hydrate! In addition to the water you’ve obviously been drinking everyday, amirite? Because that really is the best response to how to get glass skin naturally.

For real though, well-hydrated skin already makes up for about one-third of that ‘glassy’ look — it gives you a healthy glow from within. So deploy your water-based moisturisers and night creams, we’re trying to lock in all the moisture we can. Told ya—achieving glass skin at home doesn’t seem all that tough, does it?

Speaking of locking in moisture… mask up! How else are you to revive your tired, dehydrated skin from all those snoozed ‘drink water’ reminders? By masking, of course!

Glass Skin

Now actually moisturise, because ‘my skin is way too moisturised’ said no one ever. Keep it light though, as that’s the key to a perfectly dewy look. Use an eye cream if needed, i.e. if the area under your eyes is especially dry. Also, we promise this is your last layer of hydration.

Finally, foundation! Goes without saying, use one that gives light to medium coverage so your skin is still the star underneath the makeup because you know what they say, skincare>makeup. Just use base makeup to even out your complexion. Pick one that’s dewy/not matte-finish and remember that blending is your cardio!

Finish with a highlighter. Use a liquid highlighter for a seamless glow. This last bit is for that coveted translucent sheen that only glassy skin can get you. So dab on!

Achieving glass skin at home may seem like a bit of a commitment from your end. However, if this feels a tad too exhausting for your minimalist soul, you might want to read up about skin fasting instead. Worth a shot!