5 Simple Lip Care Tips For That Perfect Pout

  • Time 3 min
  • Date August 25, 2020
Dry, chapped, pigmented lips? Scroll for solutions!

When it comes to skin, we’re always guilty of giving lip care a miss. You’d rather pay for that trending red lipstick that’ll hide your pigmented lips than a lip product that could actually treat the problem. Sounds like you? Pout not, for we’re here and we’ve got the cues!

First off, hydrate

We’re going to assume this one’s taken care of, considering the number of ‘drink water’ reminders you probably have on your phone. But if you’re a snoozer, let this be a not-so-gentle reminder to HYDRATE! You spend hours in air-conditioned rooms that suck the moisture from your skin including the lips, leaving them dehydrated. Naturally then, one of the most obvious routes to lip care is hydration!

Get sunkissed, not sunburned

We get it—you can’t be sunkissed without (being exposed to) the sun. And although you feel refreshed when it releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) in your body — you’d still need some shielding from UV rays, especially when it comes to lip care. This is where you greet sunscreen like an old friend and acknowledge a lip product that offers sun protection. Not only does this lend moisture to your skin, but it also acts as a protective layer on the lips.

[Lip]Lock ‘em, don’t lick ‘em

Although a pretty good prelude, licking your lips isn’t exactly doing what you think it is. You see, the saliva that you leave on when you lick your lips, convinced that it will moisturise your lips, only does so at the moment. Later, it leaves your lips feeling drier and run down once it’s evaporated. This happens because saliva contains digestive enzymes that tend to suck the moisture from your lips, making the skin on your lips dry and vulnerable to sun exposure.

Lip Care Tips

Remove your makeup

We’ve said this before and we’re saying it again—get rid of makeup before going to bed! The chemicals from your lipstick can rob your lips of moisture through the night. Moreover, it can also make your lips darker. So no matter how tired (or drunk) you are, use those makeup wipes, a cleansing balm or anything you please to get the lipstick off, for the sake of lip care.

DIY away the dry and dead skin

Scrubbing is your first step to having that ‘I got 99 problems but my skin ain’t one’ skin. Because dead skin cells will build up in any place that hasn’t been tended to well and lips are no exception. Think pollution and exposure to the sun, the junk you eat, the alcohol you drink [dial it up if you’re a smoker]— all contribute to your lips going from plump to pale.

This is where lip scrubs [or the popular-on-Pinterest sugar scrubs] come handy. And while there are plenty of lip products to choose from, there’s also the option to do-it-yourself—mix 1 tsp honey with 1 tbsp granulated sugar. Using this concoction, scrub your lips gently. Now that’s an easy-peasy lip care tip, right?

The gist remains, however, to never stop paying attention to lip care. How else are you going to make your lips stand out in selfies, huh?