5 Quick Beauty Hacks for Tired, Puffy Skin

  • Time 3 min
  • Date August 11, 2020
Rounding up a few simple, yet effective quick fixes that will get you looking wide awake in no time. Your late nights will be a well-kept secret.

Let’s get real—what’s your morning face like? We don’t know about you, but with deadlines that keep us up at night, Netflix binges and the party season around the corner, peeking into the mirror, first thing in the morning, is like witnessing the “Silent Protest of Skin”—commonly known as a puffy face and blotchy skin, with dark circles to boot. Exactly why we thought now is the time to round up quick hacks that’ll help you look wide awake and bright-eyed in no time… 

Ice it

No, Literally. Ice your eyes and you’ll be wide awake in no time. It’s an old, simple Hollywood trick. If your whole face is puffy, then go a step further:Fill a bowl with cold water and ice, dunk your face in it. Watch your capillaries shrink magically. Follow this up with a face massage and voila—refreshed skin

puffy Skin
The cold spoon trick

Your eyes can easily tell how tired you are. To eliminate that, chill a spoon in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Place the hollow side of that chilled spoon onto your eyes. This will act the same way the ice did and shrink your blood vessels to reduce puffiness. You’ll be surprised at how much this can transform your skin! 

Cool off with a cucumber

If your night was all about tequila shots, you know what to blame for that puffy, tired skin. This is when you need to cool your skin with your favourite salad veggie—a cucumber! Cucumbers contain flavonoids and antioxidants that have the power to calm redness and reduce swelling—things you need when your skin is, too easily, giving away the story of how many drinks you had last night. Just apply one slice of cucumber on each of your lids and let your eyes cool off.

Jade roller to the rescue

Jade rolling is the trendiest tool on every influencer’s beauty counter! But with good reason—the jade roller helps release toxins in the skin and de-puffs your face. Jade also feels cooling on the skin—it stimulates lymphatic drainage and promotes blood circulation. An added advantage with jade rolling is that it helps products penetrate deeper into the skin. So with this tool in your beauty bag, you can expect your moisturisers and serums to work overtime. All we’re saying is that if you happen to wake up looking like you haven’t slept in days, keeping a jade roller handy might be a great idea.

Restrict salt in your diet

Food without salt? Sounds like a horror story. But this is imperative at least on days your skin looks unbelievably puffy and tired. Sodium causes your body to retain fluids—something that can easily lead to your skin looking puffy. Try to restrict the intake of too much salt during that week and you’ll see the difference for yourself! 

Healthy skin might seem like a lot of work but with a few handy-dandy hacks, you can easily get away without doing too much!