Why Your Beauty Shelf Needs A Water Based Moisturiser

  • Time 3 min
  • Date September 15, 2020
Moisturisers—they’re the holy grail of skincare. But you’d agree when we say that some moisturisers just bring out the worst in us—they’re greasy and invariably leave our skin feeling oily! This is when we bank on water based creams—the God of moisturisers that never let us down. So if you want to know why these lightweight moisturisers deserve a place in your everyday beauty kit, keep reading…

It’s ironic how most of us are impressed by the endless list of exotic ingredients that our regular bottle of moisturiser promises, but rarely bother about the one key component of moisture—H2O! Yep, we see that guilty face. We don’t blame you though, expensive tubs of thick face creams are overhyped. However, it’s finally time to move over to water based moisturisers because trust us, your skin has been silently screaming for a lighter formula for a pretty long time.

What Are Water Based Moisturisers?

As a thumb rule, the formula of every moisturiser needs to have a base that the other ingredients are mixed into—and that usually is water or oil. Yes, oil-based moisturisers do replenish your skin’s natural oil barrier but that’s not the #1 priority for dehydrated skin. Just how guzzling down water helps when your body feels dehydrated, an ideal water-based moisturising formula rehydrates parched skin.

Why Water Based Moisturisers?

Your dermatologist has been rooting for water-based moisturisers for a reason. The benefits are endless, but we’ll give it a shot.

Light As A Feather

Not a fan of how rich face creams weigh your skin down? Looks like we’re all a part of the same hate club. As opposed to an average oil-based formula that consistently feels uneasy throughout the day, a water-based formula feels like second skin. Take our word for it, you’ll forget that you have anything on!

Water based moisturisers

Maximum Absorption

A skincare formula that doesn’t require us to patiently count minutes until it’s finally absorbed? We’d like that! On that note, the penetration power of a water based moisturiser is legendary. Your skin will lap up all that added moisture even before you can cap the bottle. Not only does it act as a nutrient-rich makeup primer, but it’ll also be saving precious minutes on a rushed morning.

No More Clogged Pores

While most products claim to be non-comedogenic, there’s only a handful that don’t create pore problems. Since water doesn’t stick to the skin like oil, it prevents it from filling pores and causing breakouts. So, if you’ve been on war with acne-prone skin for the longest time, adding water based moisturisation to your war strategy may help you attain victory.

Completely Non-Greasy

Face creams feeling sticky or leaving a greasy residue? This band of superstars won’t! Since water-based moisturisers don’t contain any of the thick oils that creams consist of, you’re free to expect zero stickiness post-application. No more rushing to the powder room to blot all that grease away.

Oh, and here’s a quick tip. To make the most of your moolah, apply an almond-sized amount of the formula to your face right after cleansing, when your skin is slightly damp. This further helps to lock in the moisture and nutrients.