Beauty benefits of exercise

Is Exercise The Secret To Healthy Skin?

Apart from getting into shape for your next beach vacay, another solid reason to hit the gym is this compiled list of beauty benefits of exercise. From waking up to a naturally radiant complexion to taking away years from your appearance, turning towards exercise for good skin is a wise idea. Join us as we dig deeper into the surprising beauty perks of a sweaty workout session.

If you thought regular exercise only meant fitting into clothes you could not slip into earlier, think again. Another massive reason to get moving is this pretty mind-blowing list of the beauty benefits of exercise.

Yes, working out isn’t all about losing weight. If dermatologists around the world are to be believed, a sweat session can be as effective as a supercharged serum or a painful beauty treatment in your quest for clear skin. Who knew a gym membership could take you closer to flawless, glowing skin?

Say yes to sweat

Not everything you hear is true, like the fact that excessive sweating can clog your pores. It’s quite the opposite. Exercise is one of the body’s primary ways to flush out toxins. For those with adult acne, working out also helps regulate your haywire hormones so say yes to sweat. While sweating is good for skin, letting sweat rest on your skin for too long can be detrimental. So make sure you wash your face the moment you’re done with your workout.

The glow is real

Those flushed cheeks after your last yoga class were not a figment of your imagination. Interestingly, each time you nail a yoga pose, your heart rate increases, and blood is pumped into your capillaries, that are located deep within the inner layers of your skin. This fresh dose of oxygenated blood is what makes the post-workout glow legit and grammable.

Care for some collagen?

Not only does cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, wreak havoc on your weight loss plans but also your complexion. Elevated cortisol levels damage collagen, a protein that acts as the support structure of your skin. But taking your mental stress to the treadmill creates happy endorphins that counteract the damaging effects of cortisol and stimulate collagen. This is what makes your skin taut and firm thereby reducing the signs of premature ageing.

Beauty sleep FTW

If your dark circles are giving you sleepless nights, maybe it’s time to take beauty sleep seriously in the first place. When you feel well-rested, your skin looks it. A slew of studies shows that making time for a regular workout regimen helps you snooze without having to count sheep. Plus, the quality of your shut-eye time is way better if you’ve been working up a sweat.

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