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Beauty Trends 2020

Psst. Do it before it’s cool…

If 2019 was a year about loving yourself, then darn right 2020’s going to be about celebrating yourself — right down to the quirks, whims and aesthetics that make you ‘you’.

If this means pulling a Billie Eilish while on your usual errand run or finally giving in to the hype of faux lashes — go right ahead! No one’s going to judge you. We’re too busy trying [and failing at] experiments of our own. Sshh…

So, what keeps this year? Definitely not all hype. Peep a look, one beauty trend at a time…

Lip gloss

Gloss, or it’s your loss

There’s been a resurgence of ‘90s trends and in the beauty zone, gloss tops the list! The new-age glosses aren’t tacky; they’re non-sticky and so comfortable to wear. And they’re so sexy! In the words of Serena Van Der Woodsen, “Lipstick lasts longer. But gloss is more fun!” Need we say more? Even if you haven’t watched Gossip Girl, lip gloss will always be familiar territory for you. Remember your days back in high school all glossed up? The very same.

LED Face Mask

Some masks are light, some are LIT

We’re talking about the new wave of LED light masks that’s caught on ever since light therapy came in. LED masks use light of different wavelengths to tend to different skin concerns—acne, inflammation, signs of aging, etc. The blue lights can assist in banishing acne-causing bacteria while red light stimulates collagen (the protein that maintains your skin’s elasticity) production! See what we mean by LIT now?

Minimal skin care

Keep it simple and minimal

Take cues from K-beauty and Scandinavian skincare and make ‘let your skin breathe’ your new skincare mantra. After all, the new rage—skin fasting is about staying away from all kinds of skincare products to detox your skin. While that’s not entirely possible, relying on a minimal skincare routine is the order of the day. At times, you’re slathering so many products on your skin and you can’t tell what it is that’s truly working for you. So this year, play by the trend that’s here to stay—stick to the basics in skincare!

Neon Eyeshadow

Turn up the lights, extra bright.

We’re about to experience polar moments this year, with minimal skincare on one hand and ‘loud, bright and proud’ on the other — thanks to the return of neon. Bare skin with a pop of colour in the form of a neon eyeshadow or winged liner (think greens and oranges) is going to dominate 2020. And we’re so here for it!

baby bangs

Paint me like one of your French girls.

Remember when Kendall Jenner won the internet with her baby bangs almost three years ago? Well, micro bangs or baby bangs are making a comeback! That’s courage, cuteness and charm — all cut up in one micro fringe. What’s not to like? Although there would be some who beg to differ, you’ve got to try the ‘French-girl bangs’ for yourself to see whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em.

French manicure

(Nail)paint me like one of your French girls.

The crisp thin white stripe that you probably remember the ‘00s French manicure makes a return and it reeks of vanity and versatility. Let King Kylie lead your first dive into the trend—search #kyliejennernails on Instagram before you’re ready to call it your own.

So which beauty trend are you going for this year? 2020’s quite the year to be authentically yourself, y’know. So, do you!

Image Credits: @tatianaroseart @fongminliao @namvo @riovn @aaronsmakeup @opheliamillaiss (Instagram)

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