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Have You Heard Of These Bizarre Skin Treatments?

Move over regular facials and clean ups. Hollywood’s most celebrated facials might be too whacky to try but they promise to give the skin a lasting glow. Vampire facials, bird poop facials or face-slapping massages all might seem overtly quirky but if research is anything to go by, they have skin tightening and rejuvenating benefits in plenty. Want to know which of these glow facials have celebrities lining up? Scroll down…

We are guilty of being glow-obsessed. Exactly why we decided to search for some offbeat ways to get that glow. These facials may sound bizarre but they’re a huge rage in the West!

Fire facial

Literally the ‘hottest’ one ever, the fire facial uses open flames to regenerate facial cells. A towel soaked in alcohol is applied to the face and set on fire. Once it gets too hot, it is quickly removed. Fire facials claim to have skin tightening benefits since they treat wrinkles and skin sagging. Would you go this far to beat ageing skin?

Nightingale facial

Obsessed with masking? In this facial, nightingale droppings (poop) are smeared on the face like a face pack. Doesn’t sound quite like the face mask you were looking for? Well, apparently nightingale poop has healing and soothing properties. The practice actually dates back to 17th century Japan, where geishas used nightingale poop to repair their skin (damaged from excessive use of makeup). Don’t know about you but if this is the route to better skin, we’re here for it!

Vampire facelift

Shot to fame due to Instagram-mogul Kim Kardashian, the vampire facial involves extracting blood from your arm and re-injecting it into your face. The boost of fresh blood is known to stimulate collagen (a form of protein, that is found in skin, bones and tissue in the body) production. It’s like a glow facial responsible for a firmer and a more youthful complexion. Jeez! The things Kim K makes us do!

Bee venom facial

Ever thought getting stung by a bee could be your idea of good skin? Looks like the bee venom facial is quite the Hollywood favourite. Known for its age age-defying, skin tightening and wrinkle-reversing properties, this facial is hugely popular in the West. Anti-aging or not we still say, ouch!

Face–slapping facial

Slap—all in the name of good skin. Believe it or not, slapping and tapping your face is known to increase circulation, decrease the puffiness while leaving behind a youthful glow. But before you start to literally slap yourself around, do consult with the pros and read up!

Gold facial

Now this seems like a glow facial we are more on board with (no creepy crawlies on the face!). The facial includes massaging sheets of 24-karat gold leaf onto your skin. Gold can heal, lighten skin tone and reduce ageing signs. Luxurious and useful. We’re so ready!


This treatment is the lazy girl’s alternative to the cleanser-toner-moisturiser routine. The treatment minimises pores, evens out skin tone and reduces redness and puffiness by exposing the skin to sub-zero temperatures inside a tube that pumps out icy air. A frozen face for a lit-from-within glow? Yes, please!

So there you go, our top list of the most bizarre, but effective facials to give you that baby skin you’ve always wanted. If you are actually considering going for any one of these, we truly salute your commitment to good skin!

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