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Makeup Artist Amrita Kalyanpur Reveals Top Celebrity Beauty Secrets, What She Wants You To Do For Good Skin And More!

In an exclusive chat with MUA Amrita Kalyanpur, we got in on celeb skincare routines, her trick to conceal a pimple and simple yet effective beauty tips that’ll take you closer to flawless skin.

Post an advanced course in fashion and prosthetic makeup, Amrita Kalyanpur, an MBA by profession, is now working with a host of celebrities and models in showbiz. In a quick conversation with DoYou, she shared her expert beauty tips!

DoYou: As a popular makeup artist, you’ve worked your magic on several faces—from models to Bollywood stars. Let us in on your pre-makeup skincare ritual for celebrities…
Amrita Kalyanpur: Though most celebrities are meticulous with their skincare routine, I always start by cleansing to draw out impurities. If the celebrity has oily skin, I’ll opt for a lightweight, water-based moisturiser. If their skin is on the dry side, I’ll go with a heavy hydrating formula. I also use a separate moisturising formula for the under-eye area.

DY: Celebrity life is not easy—they’re constantly subjected to harsh lights and pollution while shooting outdoors. As an MUA in this business, what’s the best way to care for the skin under such circumstances?
AK: Since chronic exposure to ambient light can also darken the skin, sun protection is critical. It’s a good thing, most beauty formulas are SPF-infused so that helps, though I still top it up with a good sunscreen and an SPF-infused lip balm.

DY: When it comes to giving the skin some TLC, most of us reach for a face mask. Do you endorse using one before starting makeup?
AK: As much as I’d love to prep the face with a face mask, celebrities do not have the time to squeeze in masking as a pre-makeup ritual. But, of course, if you have the time—go ahead!

DY: Talking about skincare, when a celebrity has a pimple, how do you treat it before applying makeup?
AK: Since the show doesn’t stop, I put concealers to the task. However, since the dry, dead skin around the pimple can make the texture look flaky, I use a mild, exfoliating face mask first and then let the skin rest for a bit.

DY: What is your take on makeup removal? For celebs, how do you get rid of makeup considering they’re wearing heavy makeup for over 15 hours?
AK: Firstly, makeup removal is probably as crucial as the art of makeup itself, if not more. So don’t rush through it.

My makeup removal process is rather elaborate — I soak a cotton pad with makeup remover, eye makeup remover to be precise because a formula that’s delicate enough for the skin around the eyes works equally well on the rest of the face. I place the cotton pad on one eye and leave it on for 15 seconds — this helps disintegrate the product so a few swipes can do the job. Never rub your eyes; that poses the risk of developing fine lines. Once the face is squeaky clean, I rinse the face with water, followed by toning and moisturising.

DY: What about lip care— how do you care for the lips before applying lipstick? Also, tell us how one can care for the lips after removing a formula as drying as a liquid lipstick?
AK: I start by scrubbing flaky, dead skin off the lips using an exfoliating lip scrub. I follow that up with a lip serum or a lip balm and let it sit for a while before going in with the lipstick.

Post-lipstick care includes using an oil-based makeup removing formula since liquid lipsticks can easily settle in the cracks of your pout. Next up is a good rinse, followed by a lip balm or a lip serum.

DY: What’s your view on DIYs — are homemade face masks the best route to good skin?
AK: Home remedies can be slightly tricky. Something that might have worked for you a few years ago might not be effective on you now. Plus, you can never be sure about the purity of ingredients that you’ve picked from the supermarket. So I’d say make sure you’re well-informed before using anything.

DY: Since our celebrities are always travelling, what kind of skincare tips do you give them for the flight?
AK: Flights can be extremely dehydrating so apart from drinking water, I ask them to keep a face mist handy. For their lips, reapplication of a lip balm is key. If it’s a super long flight, they can probably just follow their entire skincare routine, slap on an eye mask and doze off.

DY: Finally, let us in on 3 things every celebrity does for good skin…
AK: That’s easy — they drink lots of water, follow a dermat-recommended skincare regimen to the T and exercise daily. They also never miss out on their beauty sleep!

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