Cleansing Balms

What Makes Cleansing Balms The Superheroes Of Makeup Removers

Old habits die hard — we know it can be tough to move over from traditional cleansing formulas to greener pastures. However, cleansing balms have revolutionised the way the world removes makeup and rightly so. Their benefits are abundant, but we’ve managed to list them down so your skin doesn’t miss out on the goodness.

If we still need to talk about why cleansing is, hands down, the most crucial step of your skincare regimen, then that’s a problem. All that extra jazz (read expensive serums and essences) is no good if you’re not cleansing correctly. And this is exactly why cleansing balms are outright brilliant. Slowly but steadily, these luscious formulas are taking over and for good reason.

Firstly, let’s talk about what a cleansing balm really is. It’s an oil-based cleansing formula, with a creamy or even gel-like consistency, that removes makeup and impurities from the skin’s surface while restoring the moisture balance of your skin. Consider it a double-duty taskmaster.

Now here’s the good stuff! We’ve rounded up benefits of cleansing balms, so the convincing bit becomes easier, you know.

They remove every trace of makeup

No matter how stubborn your mascara or how irritatingly matte your liquid lipstick maybe, they don’t stand a chance against cleansing balms. This is because the oil component latches onto the pigment and breaks down even the most long-lasting makeup formulas (yes, even waterproof!). Time to say ‘thanks, no thanks’ to last night’s kohl.

They don’t dry out your skin

If you think cleansing balms will dry out your skin, you couldn’t be more wrong. Since cleansing balms are oil-based cleansing formulas, they help maintain skin’s natural oil content and are ideal for parched skin. You might just be tempted to skip the moisturiser, but we’d say don’t.

You don’t need to wash your face after

Wanted to skip the post-cleanse rinse very badly last night? Well, what if we told you that now you can cut your makeup removal time by half? Yes, the no-fuss superstars that cleansing balms are, they do not require water to work at their maximum efficiency. Massage, wipe and allow the leftover goodness to soak in. Almost like using a face wash and a night cream in one fell swoop, no?

They prevent skin breakouts

Wondering if a cleansing balm is ideal for your acne-prone skin? Maybe you should just stick to your bottle of micellar water and not experiment? Or maybe not! The rich oil content of such cleansing balms grabs onto excess oil of your skin, clearing it away to prevent clogged pores. Also, since many acne treatments are drying in nature, hydrating cleansers can be beneficial.

They don’t require intense scrubbing

We know how dreaded the makeup removal process is, especially if you have a full face of makeup on. The good news is that most balmy formulas are harsh on makeup but gentle on your skin. When you’re under the balm spell, you massage instead of scrubbing. We particularly love how it’s changed the game of eye makeup removal — now there’s zero lash-tugging and cleaner peepers!

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