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6 Easy Ways To Remove Dark Circles At Home

We know you’ve been buying countless concealers and colour correctors to remove dark circles. But deep down, you know, these are just superficial ways to hide those panda eyes. Worry not ‘coz we’ve done our research so you don’t have to! Turns out, you can actually get rid of dark circles with a few home remedies and simple tips. Which one would you pick to remove dark circles—an aloe vera under eye massage or a digital detox?

Have you been crying? Didn’t get enough sleep last night? We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Nothing screams “help” like those pesky under-eye dark circles. They say 8 hours of beauty sleep is the best home remedy for dark circles but it’s never that easy.

What you eat, how you feel and how you sleep may also cause dark circles. Don’t fret, though. In this post, we’ve rounded up 6 home remedies for dark circles that will make you look as fresh as a daisy!

Chill out

Yes, this actually works! Frozen tea bags, sliced cucumbers and cold spoons can go a long way in fading them out. All you need to do is cover your eyes with any of these for 10-15 minutes.

These home remedies for work by cooling down the skin and minimising puffiness. Do this regularly and voilà—bye-bye dark circles!

Moreover, this makes for a great way to cut down on phone usage before you go to bed! C’mon, you know you’re a phone addict! Speaking of which, read our next point!

Digital detox

You’re probably rolling your eyes at the moment. But seriously, if you take your smartphone to bed with you, it’s time to make some changes. Not only does the blue light from phones disrupt your sleep but it also tires your eyes.

So, pesky dark circles or scrolling through your ‘gram? In the end, it’s for you to make the choice.

You are what you eat

We know this one’s the hardest! Because…unhealthy food is the tastiest, isn’t it? However, eliminating dark circles requires some work and assessing your diet is a crucial step.

Salty foods lead to puffiness and alcohol dehydrates the skin leading to dark circles!

If there’s anything you must be bingeing on, it’s got to be foods loaded with Vitamin C and K. Think broccoli, spinach, melons, berries, tomatoes, etc. Just the perfect answer to remove dark circles at home, right?

Cleanse before snuggles

Before you snuggle under the covers, make one last trip to the restroom. Do your skin a favour and cleanse it right. Think of all that’s possibly trapped in your skin. Residual makeup, dirt, grime, sweat, dust…yeah okay, we’ll stop.

When you’re fast asleep, your skin performs crucial functions of repair and renewal. This won’t be done optimally if your pores are blocked and you sure don’t want to aggravate those dark circles.

So, make cleansing before sleeping the new norm.

Slather on aloe vera

If you’re looking for a home remedy, turn to aloe vera. This is because it is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin E, anti-pigmentation properties, minerals etc. The list can go on forever…

All you need to do is collect some fresh pulp from an aloe vera plant and gently massage it under the eyes.

No, you don’t need to leave your comfy bed to wash it off your face; it’ll just get absorbed into your skin! Such an easy-peasy way to remove dark circles, right?

Under eye massage

Eye massages stimulate blood flow and prevent blood from pooling in the capillaries as well as tone the muscles under the eyes.

While applying your eye cream, just gently massage the under-eye area. But make sure you don’t rub hard.

With these simple ways to remove dark circles at home, you’ll never have to rely on colour correctors and concealers!

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