Dead Skin Build up

What Causes Dead Skin Build-Up And How To Get Rid Of It

Most skin concerns that stand between you and great skin — be it frequent skin breakouts or a dull, sallow complexion — result from dead skin build-up. Before we share some easy ways to get rid of dead skin, it’s important to learn what leads to the accumulation in the first place. Join us as we break down the causes of dead skin build-up.

Did you know that about 40,000 skin cells die every minute? Eeeks! While that’s a great thing because it reveals newer, younger skin cells, the fact that the surface of your skin runs the risk of turning into a mini cell cemetery is scary. Not only do accumulate dead skin cells clog pores leading to pesky breakouts, but they also keep your complexion from looking radiant and smooth. Wondering what causes dead skin build-up? We’ve done the math.

Lack of cleansing

If you’ve been skipping your night-time deep cleansing routine or sleeping with makeup on, it’s a recipe for disaster. Excess oil or makeup residue makes shedding of dead skin cells tougher than usual.


As we grow older, our cell turnover rate decreases — our skin cells don’t regenerate as quickly as they used to. Oil production decreases, our skin turns drier, and dead cells pile up on the surface.

Not exfoliating

Not taking the exfoliation game seriously? That’s one of the primary causes of dead skin on face! Weekly scrubbing is key to boosting the natural rate at which dead skin sloughs away.

Using the wrong moisturiser

The rough texture of dehydrated skin creates a barrier, trapping skin cells that are ready to shed, so don’t scrimp on hydration. Instead, look out for a lightweight formula that’ll be mild and gentle on the skin.

Environmental damage

The environment around you can be one of the major causes of dead skin build-up. From climatic changes to increased exposure to pollution, everything takes you closer to a lacklustre complexion. Smoke and pollution settles on the skin causing dead skin buildup.

Overexposure to the sun

Your time in the sun is also a huge determinant of dead skin build-up. Sun damage slows down the natural cell renewal rate, causing an accumulation of lifeless cells.

How to get rid of dead skin

Make a mental note of these tips because getting rid of excess dead skin on face just became easier.

Get rid of makeup before you snooze

Make sure to remove every trace of makeup before you hit the bed. Also, swap your pack of basic wet wipes with a genius cleansing balm for greater efficiency.

Swear by steam

Mumma wasn’t wrong when she pushed you to steam clean your face once a week. Apart from relaxing your skin after a hectic week, it also helps in breaking down the layer of dead skin cells.

Add a chemical exfoliant to your skincare

Put your money in a chemical exfoliant (an exfoliant that uses chemicals to cleanse your pores) that, along with dead skin, also effectively gets rid of dirt, grime, product residue, and excess oil from your skin.

Up the hydration

Always ensure that your skin’s required level of hydration is met. A non-comedogenic, water-based moisturiser makes sure that skin cells no longer die prematurely.

Don’t forget the lips

Your lips need extra TLC, especially if you’ve been a fan of drying liquid lipsticks or have forgotten your balmy friend. Mix a little sugar with petroleum jelly, apply this granular paste on your pout, and scrub away dead skin cells gently with a toothbrush.

So there you have it—all the easy ways in which you can banish dead skin build-up!

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