Declutter your room for better skin

The connection between clutter, stress and skin and what to do about it.

Pollution, humidity, lack of sleep and diet are the usual culprits when it comes to irritated skin. We are going to shift your focus to a lesser talked about subject: Mess.

Mess can be stressy. For a number of reasons that psychologists have uncovered through studies  clutter makes it difficult for us to unwind.


And it’s not just our brains suffering from the ill-effects of clutter that’s around the house, it could be the secret reason lurking behind those sudden, inexplicable breakouts! How? Excess cortisol (also fondly called the “stress hormone” because it is secreted when you’re stressed) is directly related to your skin because it increases production of sebum.

Oil = clogged pores= inflammation = acne. But you already knew that.

Here’s how you can declutter your room asap, with a few easy steps.


Some of us spend way more time at our workspaces than in our homes. Here are a few quick ways to declutter your work station.


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