Effects of alcohol on skin

How To Fix Skin Concerns On A Hangover Morning

If the quarantine’s gotten you downing one too many drinks every evening, chances are that your skin is silently crying out for help. Well, the effects of alcohol on skin do not make for happy news. Hold on, we’re not asking you to turn over a new leaf — just follow these hangover skincare tips on a dizzy morning.

If your only solace during the ongoing pandemic is a prized stash of red wine, you’re not alone. Sure, social drinking is now a redundant term but that does not mean we look away from the liquor too, right? Well, here’s a sad truth that you’re probably not ready to hear. The effects of alcohol on skin are more frightening than you can imagine. Didn’t keep track of the number of beers you chugged during last night’s Zoom party? One look in the mirror the next morning and you’ll be mentally kicking yourself.

Effects of alcohol on skin

  • Excessive dehydration, leading to visible dry patches
  • Inflammation and redness
  • Puffy eyes
  • An overall tired and dull complexion

Ways to deal with the effects of alcohol on skin

Before you drink

Alcohol is infamous for sucking out your skin’s natural moisture, leaving it dry and flaky by the end of the night. So, start with a smart pre-gaming ritual that involves a sheet mask and a quick rerun of your favourite sitcom.

While you drink

Since you’re not stepping out of the house, dial down your makeup and stick to just the essentials, including a moisturising lip balm. Additionally, keep your face mist handy and squeeze in a quick spritz each time you refill your drink. Most importantly, chug a glass of water between two consecutive drinks — trust us, your skin will thank you the next morning.

Before you crash

Your bedtime CTM routine is non-negotiable even when you’re tipsy, so get to it. This is not the night to scrimp on your moisturiser so slather it on generously. You would also want to nourish the under-eye area, so slap on a soothing, overnight eye mask.

The morning after

Consider this as crucial damage control — a lot depends on how elaborate your skincare regimen is on a hangover morning.

  • If your face feels puffy and groggy, wake it up with a few ice cubes. Place two cubes inside a clean muslin cloth and gently press on your face and eyes. You’ll feel a whole lot better in just minutes.
  • Next up, grab a gentle exfoliating formula and whip up a mini facial at home. This will help clear dead skin build-up and impart an instant radiant glow.
  • Post scrubbing, it’s time for the masking game. On a morning when you’re dealing with hungover skin, choose an antioxidant-rich mask that restores lost moisture. Look for a formula that boasts of skincare ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid or green tea.
  • Finish up with a generous application of your usual moisturiser — this will help seal in the good stuff. Meanwhile, if your pout feels parched, treat it with a hydrating lip serum.

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