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How To Treat Enlarged Pores

Pores—we all have ‘em but for some of us, enlarged pores seem like a skin concern. These tiny openings in the skin, that are responsible for the release of oil and sweat, get clogged due to many reasons causing them to look bigger than they should. If this is the story of your skin, keep reading as we tell you all about large pores and how to minimise their appearance…

What are pores?

Pores are small openings on your face that help your skin breathe. It’s the opening of a hair follicle and while the hair is so small it might not be visible, the oil glands at the base of the follicle can cause the pore to enlarge, making them more noticeable.

When your pores are clogged with makeup residue, grime, pollution and bacteria, you tend to develop enlarged pores. But they’re genetically determined too. While you can’t shrink them completely, you can do a few things to minimise their appearance.

How to treat enlarged pores

Don’t obsess

What may appear like large craters to you might actually be barely visible to the rest of the world. So don’t obsess over it. Squeezing them and touching them too much will only make matters worse.

Care to cleanse daily & thoroughly?

As we mentioned earlier, large pores are a result of clogging. If there’s makeup and impurities trapped inside, your pores are bound to look larger. For this purpose, make sure you use a deep-cleansing face wash that cleanses your skin from inside. If you want to take this a notch higher, first open up your pores using steam and then go over with a deep-cleansing face wash.

Out with the gunk

Are you sleeping with makeup on? Sounds like the shortest horror story to us. This is a sure shot way to clogging your pores. Remember when we gave you our makeup removal tips here? Follow this guide and make sure you never make the mistake of sleeping with makeup on.

Make a scrub count

Add a scrub to your weekly skincare routine if you’re looking to treat large pores. But make sure you look for a gentle exfoliator. Scrubs help de-clog pores and dislodge dead skin cells. But if you have acne prone skin, steer clear of this step, girl!

Hands off

Unless you’re applying a skincare product on your face, keep your hands off! The bacteria on your hands can transfer to your face and enter your pores only to clog them. While picking at clogged pores can be tempting, it usually results in scarring. Ouch!

Swear by SPF

The sun dehydrates the skin and makes the oil glands overactive, leading to enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads and other such skin horrors. What are we getting at? SPF obv! Just take your SPF as seriously as you take your red lipstick.

Let retinol rule over your skin

Baffled by what we’re talking about? We were confused too when most dermats and skincare gurus harped on the use of retinol. Well, retinol is essentially Vitamin A, which boosts skin cell turnover and thickens the deeper layer of your skin. It not only smoothens out wrinkles through collagen (the protein that keeps your skin firm) production but it also decreases oil production, thereby tightening the pores and reducing acne. Sounds like a miracle in skincare? Experts say it is!

Face masks FTW

All this while you might be using face masks as a self-care ritual. But trust us when we say this—face masks help treat large pores! Certain masks like the ones with clay as the hero ingredient help in de-clogging pores. They suck out all the gunk that’s made a home in your pores. Brb applying a face mask RN!

Cool off

This one’s our trusty tip—simply wrap ice in a cloth and apply it all over your face to close your pores and minimise the appearance of large pores. Ice helps reduce the inflammation in pores thereby making large pores smaller. Sounds cool? No pun intended!

You can’t shrink your pore size completely but with the tips mentioned above, you can slowly but surely minimise its appearance.

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