Ep02: When Pinot Noir gave life and Becca learnt about non-touring

  • Time 4 min
  • Date August 1, 2020

We were in high spirits, both literally and figuratively.

Suddenly, I felt silly. Maybe Becca was right. DIY probably just costed me the job. Ugh, Megha!

I looked at a still mad Becca. I was about to say something when her mobile flashed her dreaded SIL’s face with her heavily lined eyes. “Wow, your SIL sure doesn’t waste any time”, said Shams. “TBH, I can’t deal with her right now,” muttered Rebecca. I felt lousy and apologised. She sighed softly saying, “You blew a good chance, you know.” Shamita came and hugged me, saying, “Chill babes.” Rebecca’s WhatsApp buzzed with a voice note from her SIL. I grabbed  the phone and put it on speaker to hear the woman say caustically, ” Really  Becca? After all the trouble I took, I get this!”, Becca looked upset and I was mad.  Snooty SIL continued, “Forget thanking me, you don’t even answer my call now? Megha got the job because of me.” And the message ended. I was shocked and looked at Becca and Shams, dazed.

“Did she say… “, even before I could finish, Rebecca snatched the phone and replayed the message, and we realized that I had landed the job!  All three of us shouted in joy. It was time to celebrate.

I called home to give them the good news and the one most excited was my daadi. By the time I finished my call, a Pinot Noir (courtesy — Shams’ last trip to France) and pizzas were on the table. We poured the wine and the girls raised a toast, “To Megha! And her epic new job and LIT new office!”

Shams, putting on an accent, added “Oh yeah, DoYou, a place fit for the Gods, honey.” Becca and I burst out laughing, almost spilling the wine.  Shams was mimicking Becca’s SIL, whom I had called to thank for her efforts. In her saccharine sweet tone, Shweta had replied, “It’s okay, honey. Consider yourself lucky for DoYou is a great place to work… it’s a place fit for the Gods.”

“What she really meant was — divine”, I told the girls, but Becca and Shams were laughing raucously. “Oh, really Megha… she’s your new FOTD?”

“I bet I know most of the slangs used”, Becca teased. Shams added, “Me too! Designing exclusive pieces of jewelry is just as hip as beautifying faces… in fact, some of my clients are worse than your SIL.” I put my hands up in understanding. We were in high spirits, both literally and figuratively and Becca created a new game out of it (and the now empty wine bottle) — ‘Spin & Slang’.


“Whoever the bottle points to is asked a question about a beauty slang. If not answered correctly, the chance moves to the one on the left.”

The first spin stopped at Shams. Even before Becca could say anything, I yelled, “non touring.” I smiled at Shams’ clueless face. This was my favourite beauty slang. “Non-touring is when you wear makeup but no one is supposed to see it”, I began and the look on my friends’ faces showed that they were intrigued. “It’s very similar to highlighting but on the barely-there side of the spectrum. Just 3 products —a primer, a tinted moisturiser and a highlighter, and voila, radiance.”

“Oh, is that what it means!”, said Becca with a surprised look, “Jaz had told me that it was semi-permanent contouring”. Spotlight on me again, “Now that is tan-touring. It means swapping your bronzer with a self-tanner for a well-sculpted face that lasts for days. Call it the other end of non-touring.” My girls looked impressed as I spun the bottle. It pointed at Becca.

“Cut crease”, I quickly asked. Becca shook her head, she did not know, but surprisingly Shams did. Fluttering her eyes, she began, “That’s an eyeshadow technique used to emphasize the crease of the eye. Makes your eyes appear more open.” Spot on!”  I said smiling.

“Tell us more”, said Shams. I gave her a thumbs up as I said, “Giving life,” I mentioned and saw their blank faces. “What’s that? What does it even mean? So pretentious”, said Shams in her usual blunt manner. Laughing, I told them that it was the hyperbolic version of ‘I love this’. It is anything that gives energy, validity, and significance. Immediately, Becca lifted her almost empty glass and said, “This wine of mine, is giving me life RN.” Touché. I was impressed.

Later that night, as I snuggled in bed, I recollected our little celebration. Truly, such evenings with my tribe were giving me life. Now I only had to prove my mettle at DoYou. Surely, it wouldn’t be that tough!

Lingo lessons for Becca & Shams:

  • Fit for the Gods — So divine!
  • Cut crease — Defining the crease of the eye using a contrasting shade of eyeshadow
  • Non-touring — Highlighting the face, but without extreme definition
  • Giving me life — Super-exciting for me