Ep05: When a (delicious) man joined the trio and tutored them on glass skin

  • Time 4 min
  • Date August 1, 2020

"Most women did not realise how simple it really was to make the skin underneath makeup the real star."

A million thoughts raced through my mind as I felt a hand reaching towards me. With my heart in my mouth, I opened one eye. And guess what… it was dear Divs grabbing the night cream. What a relief! Obviously, the sagging skin threat had worried her enough. My little chat had worked after all.

But the rad idea I had suggested for the corp. event had not. The next morning began with me finding out that it had tanked. I whined to Becca about it and she offered to meet at Melroys so that I could drown my sorrows… literally!

As we waited for Shams to show up, I was testy and annoyingly repetitive. “Becca, the idea just tanked.” I was salty. Boss lady had been sweet though… she gave me what, TBH, was possibly my first lesson in the business. “Not all great ideas work… some just crash”, she had remarked. Mallika, of course, had been smugly sympathetic. “Uuuggghhh!” I looked at Becca and angrily muttered, “And now we are teamed up for a presentation on ‘glass skin’!”

Shams came in just then, “Don’t hate me. Not my fault, I got late ‘cause of him”, and she pushed ahead a delicious guy. Shams introduced him as Samar Dutta and added that she had just customised a ‘home-stay’ for him and his friends at Dhanaulti. “Man, is he picky!”, she sighed. A smile touched Samar’s lips and looking at both of us he quietly replied, “I like only the best.”

From the corner of my eye, I looked at Samar surreptitiously… he seemed pretty cool, stylish, good looking… and also chivalrous if one went by how he poured Shams a glass of beer before pouring one for himself. I just couldn’t stop myself, I fished out my phone and sent a group text… ‘Spill the tea, Shams? You found your Mr.Right?’ I tried giving Shams a look to check her phone without seeming obvious. Becca caught it and reached for hers. I turned around only to realise that Samar had caught the look too. I felt wedged and looked away, straight into Shams’ blushing face who mouthed ‘NOOO’.


“So, who has this ‘oh-so-magnificent, radiantly clear skin’?”

Shams tried to change the topic and said the first thing she could think of, “So, what was this glass skin you were discussing?” Still smirking Becca replied, “Megs here is teamed up with ‘Ms.Perfect’ to present ‘glass skin’… emphasising on both, lest Shams missed them. Shams did not and joked, “First, it was hour glass figure, now it’s glass skin…. what will we have next… clay fingers, crystal arms? And what’s this about working with your frenemy?” Becca burst out laughing, “You have said the words, soul sistah!”

An amused Samar calmly said, “Glass skin is a Korean concept of beauty. It means skin as translucent and clear as glass.” I was impressed and inquired if he was in the beauty business. “Nope,” he answered. “I used to have a Korean girlfriend.” “Korean, eh?” asked Shams, to which he just shrugged his shoulders. He was charming, that devil!

Looking at me, Shams asked… “So, how does one get this ‘oh-so-magnificent’, radiantly clear skin?” “Anyone can, it’s not that hard to achieve,” I replied. I felt awkward discussing my work in the presence of Samar but Shams gave me a ‘do not worry’ sign. “Samar belongs to my CrossFit group and he is used to hearing all kinds of girly stuff.”

“I am sure this involves fasting, and I am so not interested”, vowed Becca. Samar looked to be busy with his phone, so turning to Becca I explained, “Do you know, you are already half way to achieving glass skin? The routine begins with cleansing and exfoliation, you already do both.” The minute I said exfoliation, both girls laughed remembering how exfoliation had literally got me my job. “Becca babes, now you gonna be a guinea pig.” Shams crooned. I shook my head furiously, “Nah, since you are sincere with clean-ups and exfoliation Becca, your skin is clear of dirt and dead cells. Your pores are unclogged. Also, you drink so much water. All you need is Mask-Moisturiser-Foundation. Basically, MMF!”


What Becca and Shams learnt about glass skin:

  • Straight from Korea, this buzzing beauty trend involves skin as translucent and clear as glass
  • Prep canvas with regular exfoliation
  • Follow with the MMF routine — Mask, Moisturiser, Foundation