Ep06: When I successfully woke up tired skin, only for it to lose colour at work

  • Time 4 min
  • Date August 11, 2020

"All I wanted was to shove Samar’s face into a bucket of ice, all I did was dunk my face in it."

After Samar threw shade and left without an apology, the evening went downhill. I was salty, Shams annoyed and Becca too drunk to pick on the uneasy atmosphere. So, we did the next best thing — we split, pronto.

I returned home feeling irritated and angry. And while the world slumbered peacefully, I was counting hours. Not ‘cause I was annoyed with what that bird brain had said but ‘cause of all the things that I could have said, rather should have said, but didn’t! Ugh so many smart comments, so many fitting replies, only a few hours too late. So, while ‘Mr. Appalling’ got his beauty sleep (I am so sure of that), I just tossed and turned the entire night. Next morning I woke up to a “Wow… whatever happened to you!” from Divs.

A frantic peep in my mobile mirror, and staring back at me was a puffy face, blotchy eyes and dark circles to boot! Cursing Samar in my head, I rummaged in the drawer for my jade roller. That would help release toxins and de-puff my face, apart from cooling my skin. And then no one needed to know about my humiliating night. But the blasted thing had chosen that exact moment to play hide and seek.

There was no way I was going to work looking like that. I had to do something… and that was when I remembered a time-tested simple hack, borrowed from Hollywood, no less!

Chilled water or ice — the perfect answer to a refreshing face. I’ve had my share of late nights and one too many cocktails in the past — this instant fix has always worked. And though all I wanted to do was shove Samar’s handsome face into a bucket of ice, what I really did was dunk mine, as gracefully as possible, into a bowl of ice-cold water. Voila!  A gentle face massage later, I was ready to take on the world.


“She thought I was dolling up for a man — Megha in love. If anything, I was in hate! “

To eliminate any chance of even a single questioning eye, I followed up with the cold spoon trick. Leaving two spoons in the freezer for about 15 minutes while I made quick-fix oats for breakfast, I then placed the back of the spoons over my eyes. This would hide any signs of puffiness. I would have gone the extra mile by placing cucumber slices on my eyes to calm any remaining swelling but we had run out of it.

Looking and feeling fresh, I sat down for breakfast only to have daadi give me her secret look. That look meant… ‘spill the tea’.. Shrugging oh-so-innocently, I said, “Nothing, daadi.

Why do you think I have something to say?”  Her smile widened as she whispered, “Icing your face in the morning, eating oats instead of the usual egg… kuch toh hai.” I told her, “I am trying to cut down on salt to avoid water retention, that’s all.” She continued with her gentle prodding. And it dawned on me that she thought I was dolling up for a man! Smitten me, Megha in love! I spluttered at the outrageous idea and told her she couldn’t have been more wrong. If anything, I was in hate! I regretted saying it the moment the words left my mouth. Daadi looked at me concerned, “Has your breakup with Sahil made you a ‘man hater’.” I groaned. (For all of you out there — Sahil was my ex. Ex by umm… 7 months maybe. Long forgotten with no side effects).

I had to make sure daadi got that. Dithering between tackling it now or later in the evening, I chose the ‘now’. I would be just a little late for work, but some things are better not left unsaid.

An hour later, I walked into my workplace… grateful to be away from all the drama in my life. On my way to my desk, I was complimented on my glowing skin. Wheee….. the fix(es) had worked!

Reaching my work desk, I was greeted with a huge bouquet of beautiful white orchids. Awwww… I thought, smiling. Trust Shams and Becca to go out of the way to make me feel good. I smiled as I opened the accompanying card and froze.

The card read, ‘Sorry about last night… I guess I was tired.  ~ Samar’


‘How to wake up tired skin’ by Megha:

  • Ice your way to brighter skin
  • The back of a cold spoon undoes puffy eyes
  • Feeling fancier? Get a jade roller on the job!