Ep09: When I won at skin fasting, but mom won in life

  • Time 4 min
  • Date August 22, 2020

"My mom was ready with her next plan. She already had the look of victory on her face."

If I thought my Saturday morning was a revelation, for Shams it turned out to be even more enlightening, Mom saw me making notes on skin fasting… “Another fad’, she commented. Mom fasts on more days a week than she eats. For her, fasting is sacred and of course, she dismissed my version as disrespectful while questioning my easy acceptance of the term. I could sense her distress — how could I approve of skin fasting and reject the genuine one.

I pinged the squad to update them on the happenings.

Shams — ?

Something wrong with moms today, mine is acting weird.

Nothing from Becca.

She never spoke of her parents. What we had gathered was that Becca had rebelled and moved cities.  We never asked; she never told. All good.


Becca —

@Megha Ur mom ?
@Shams whatsup with urs?

With Shams’ mom’s birthday coming up and celebrations being discussed, she should have been in a good mood!

Shams —

Weird, she’s being extra accommodative. Saying me being happy is most precious.

Shams was foxed. I have known aunty forever, I can vouch for the fact that she doesn’t talk like that. Her life revolves around her job and Shams, and she always communicates clearly.

My mom though, stayed true to her character. She came with her cuppa tea and sat beside nudging me on about skin fasting. We began comparing notes… she was determined to prove skin fasting was a fad. “My fasts are the real detox, I abstain from eating certain kinds of foods on certain days.” I interrupted her, “But ma, skin fasting works on the same principle — giving up beauty products for a particular amount of time, to allow the skin to breathe.”

I duly reported to the squad.


“Honestly, this fasting without water is really too much. How can that be good for you?”

Becca —
One all!

Shams —?
Mom wants to know if I am happy? ?

Becca — ?????

Ur Mom done smthng she shudn’t hv or not dun smthng she shud have? Perhaps mom has a boyfriend? SORRY

I laughed as I read this.

Me —

Aunty & boyfriend = ridiculous. She has no time for her girlfriends… forget any boyfriend!

Shams —

@ Megha ?

@ Becca  NP

Mom says we are best friends and friends share everything. Dunno what she wants to know or what she wants to tell

Me —

Ask her

Meanwhile my mom’s mind was working overtime. With a look of victory she clarified, “My fasting helps my entire body. What does yours do?”. Using my notes as ammunition, I clarified, “A skin fast can last over a day, though the recommendation is to begin with a 24-hour fast. This helps prep the skin to produce natural oils and replenish itself.”

“Unlike your fasts, ma, where you can eat everything the very next day, skin fasts last longer. Also skin fasts are recommended to be cold turkey. Zero products, not even moisturiser so that the skin can breathe”, I explained.

“Hrrmmmph”, snorted mom gloating about a particular fast where she didn’t even consume a drop of water until the next day! “Are you saying you don’t use water on your face?”, she asked with a disgusted expression, making me laugh.

“Honestly, fasting without water is really too much. That can never be good for you. Skin fasting recommends staying hydrated as H2O is an important constant for great skin.

My phone beeped.

Shams —

Mum is worried about me, wants to see me settle down. She is okay with anyone. 

What the hell was this about?

My mom however was in no mood of losing to me… just no chance. She continued in her defence when I stopped her, “Ma, I have to talk to Shams. Her mom has been acting and talking weird. She is assuring Shams of her unbiased support if she settles down. Just not able to figure out what’s going on with her. She never talks in circles; wish she’d be clear.”

Just as I was getting up, mom took my hand and candidly said, “I think she is trying to tell Shams that she knows Shams is not straight, and is ready to accept it because she only wants her happiness.” I looked at my mom with a stunned expression. I was sure my mom had lost it.

That very moment, came a message from a very shocked Shams saying the exact same thing. Becca was equally shaken.

Bloody hell… mum was right! “How did you guess it?” I asked.

“That’s because your fast only detoxes the skin, but mine detoxes the body, the mind and the brain.” Saying that, she walked away, leaving me to lift my jaw off the floor!


Megha’s lesson on skin fasting:

  • Skin detox — giving up all beauty formulas to let the skin breathe
  • Start slow — give your skin time to adapt to the change in strategy
  • Low on fancy formulas, high on humble H2O
  • No topical hydration; use only water to cleanse