Ep10: When the night started with lip care and ended with endless dancing

  • Time 4 min
  • Date August 25, 2020

"I was busy reminiscing the previous night and nursing aching feet from all the dancing."

It was the evening of Shams’ mom’s party and I was still at Becca’s, being slobbered upon by Nawab, Becca’s dog, whom I tried dodging but in vain. It was a wonder how she managed to live in a crammed matchbox of a 1-BHK with 2 other girls… according to her, this was all she could afford at the moment. She had even refused to pool in for aunty’s gift. We left and she carried no gift. I would add her name to mine, she did not need to know.

The venue was the impressive sea-facing Villa #7. Shams had outdone herself. Aunty looked resplendent and as I handed her the gift, I was about to tell her that it was from Becca and me, when Becca smiled and told aunty, “Your gift will arrive soon.”

We found Shams in the lawn, laughing and chatting with Akhil aka Becca’s on-and-off boyfriend of 8 years and Samar. I hugged Akhil and gave Samar a nod. Just then, the DJ called for everyone’s attention and announced a special gift for aunty from… Rebecca Thomas! He tuned into a LIVE radio show which had been specially curated with all of aunty’s favourite songs! Laughter filled the air as beautiful music took over. Shams and I looked at Becca; what a unique gift.

Becca was revelling in all the attention when a lady walked over to her and asked if she was related to the renowned lawyer, Thomas. Becca seemed startled but relaxed when Shams clarified on her behalf that her dad no one famous. As the woman walked away, we teased Becca about being a rich man’s daughter. Becca said she needed to retouch her lipstick and we accompanied her.

We were praising Becca for her fab surprise when a teenage girl walked in. Shams introduced us to her cousin, Anu, who gushed upon seeing me. “So cool to finally meet you. I’ve heard you simplify beauty concepts.” I blushed.

The girl gave a pleading look to Shams, who assured, “Anu… tu pooch le.” Self-consciously, with her fingers over her lips, Anu asked, “My braces will be out soon. I’ve been… hiding my lips for long. I want beautiful lips.”


“Something is not right. Shamita is hiding something.”

I smiled as I shared, “5 rules, Anu. #1 — Hydrate… drinking water is key to soft, moisturised lips.”

Anu subconsciously licked her lips and I immediately stopped her. “#2 — no lip licking. What feels like moisture now will soon leave your lips drier than before.” Habits die slowly, unconsciously Anu was about to lick her lips again when Shams stopped her.

Anu had a pretty lipstick on and I asked if she was a regular user.  She darted a glance at Shams who advised, “Bata de.” “Sometimes, but all my friends do.” I said, “Lipstick is okay but follow rule #3. Never ever forget to remove every trace of lipstick or any makeup before going to bed.” Looking pleased, Anu said, “I do this already, so mom won’t know.” The three of us laughed remembering our teens.

Remember these rules, and the pain that you’ve endured all this while, thanks to your braces will be worth it.” Anu agreed. “What’s #4?” “Buy a lip serum with SPF.” At everyone’s questioning looks, I continued, “Because lips burn too.” Anu smiled and thanking me rushed out to someone’s call.

“Oops, I forgot to mention #5, that’s my DIY lip scrub. Please pass it to Anu.” I said to Shams who rolled her eyes, “You and your DIYs.”

As Shams again thanked Becca for her special gift, I pulled her leg, “Especially since your mom was so accommodating of your sexual preferences.” Shams let out a hoot.

The next morning, as I nursed aching feet from all the dancing of the previous night, I got a call from Shams’ mom asking if she was serious about Samar.

I told her about my discussion with Shams where she had mentioned that they were just friends. “She would have told me aunty, she always tells me everything”, I reassured her. Aunty seemed unconvinced and sounded worried, “Something is not right. Shamita is hiding something. She is never interested in any guy somehow.” Teasingly I added, “Not in girls, either.” Aunty laughed but her concern remained.

I called Shams, but her phone was switched off, which made me wonder where she could be.

Unbeknownst to me, at that very moment, Shams was sobbing her eyes out in front of her psychiatrist.

‘Lip Love’ by Megha:

  • Drink up. Erm… we meant, water!
  • Don’t lick your lips. There, stop it!
  • Remove your lipstick before hitting the bed
  • Use an SPF-infused lip serum
  • DIY lip scrub — honey + sugar for soft lips