Ep14: When brave = beautiful and bizarre is also = beautiful

  • Time 4 min
  • Date September 3, 2020

“It may not be wise, but it’s the right thing to do.”

I ran after the man.

As my colleagues looked on surprised, I yelled at him, hit him with my purse and as he began to run away, chased after him. I had almost gotten a hold of him before he slipped away.

I got back to the office, dishevelled and shaken. I had just about managed to straighten up when boss lady came by. She was sympathetic and told me to let it go. When I informed her that I was considering registering a police complaint, her gentle tone turned firm, “Don’t. Better for you and the company.” Why the hell not?

I came out of my reverie and saw two cops waiting for me at the reception.  Nandini ma’am arrived with a look of displeasure and asked who had called for the cops. At just that moment, a voice behind us said, “I did.” We all turned to see Richa ma’am… the young and dynamic new Product development Head. In short, boss to both me and Nandini ma’am.

I am not sure who looked more shocked, Nandini ma’am or me. Boss lady tried to put forth her opinion, but Richa ma’am respectfully cut her off saying, “It may not be wise, but it’s the right thing to do.” She agreed with my views and I was glad for her support and told her so. She then added something encouraging, “Our company is not about beauty that’s just skin deep. We look for beauty within; and a courageous soul is inherently beautiful.” Well put. I was touched. The two ladies left after Richa ma’am assured me that she and DoYou were right behind me in this.

Once done with FIR formalities, I joined the team. Looking my way, boss lady said I could leave if I wanted, “Richa suggested it”, she said icily.  But I felt absolutely fine. The man had neither dented my spirit nor my enthu to work.


“Some people like painful facials, some like painful experiences.”

We were discussing bizarre skin treatments that day, some were truly whacky and some utterly outrageous, but they were all a huge rage. Since the spotlight was on me that afternoon, I offered to present first.

I began with the fire facial — the hottest of them all, which just as the name states, actually uses open flames to regenerate facial cells. It is said to treat wrinkles and beat signs of ageing.

My next fav was the vampire facelift. Oh, how I love the name! It involves extracting blood from your arm and re-injecting it into your face. The boost of fresh blood is said to stimulate collagen production, leading to a firmer and more youthful complexion. It shot to fame courtesy Insta-mogul, Kim Kardashian.

Ruhi shuddered, “The pain some people are ready to endure. I’d rather have a gold facial. Imagine 24-karat gold leaf being massaged onto your skin”, she said dreamily. What a lovely luxurious way to look younger.

Before Mallika could begin, I casually remarked, “Mallika, is it the bee venom facial or the cryotherapy facial for you?” Boss lady looked my way saying, “To each his own. Some people like painful facials, some like painful experiences.”

Ouch! Was that a delicate snub? Was boss holding a grudge? No time to contemplate, Mallika, of course, was pleased. “No pain, no gain is my theory.” she began. “I have actually undergone a bee venom facial. She looked around for reactions.” Ruchi laughed as she asked, “So, are you 45 but look 25?” Mallika wasn’t amused.

“It’s quite a Hollywood favourite and though it stings, the bee venom mask actually has age-defying properties that work wonders.” Across the table, my eyes met Ruchi’s… but we dared not laugh.

Mallika then did a good job presenting the cryotherapy facial. “Where the skin is exposed to sub-zero temperatures inside a tube that pumps out icy air. It helps minimise pores, even out skin tone and reduces redness and puffiness!”

One facial we all agreed to dislike was the face slapping facial.  Slapping the face for better circulation and a youthful glow was crazy.

Last and most disgusting of them all, was the nightingale facial where bird droppings (yeah, poop) are smeared on the face like a face pack… Yikes! Apparently, it boasts of healing and soothing properties!

Lying in bed later that night, I texted my squad about the day. The girls were proud of me and scathing with their comments about boss lady.

Becca —
Typical of that gen…  can’t expect any better.

Shams —
You’re so bang on!

Becca —
Don’t listen to her, you did right!

I think I did too!

Age-defying bizarre beauty facials:

  • Fire facial (literally involving fire, not kidding)
  • The vampire facelift (thanks Kim K)
  • Bee venom mask (yep, it stings)
  • Gold facial (a literal 24K gold massage)
  • Cryotherapy facial (skin exposed to sub-zero icy air)