Ep16: When I scrubbed my (proud) nose clean but then got schooled for being too nosey!

  • Time 4 min
  • Date September 8, 2020

“My show is approved. You are on it as the first interviewee!”

The feel-good hormones from the events of the previous day had me up bright-eyed and fresh.  But pesky blackheads and a dry patch around my nose stared back at me from the mirror. Now that I had seen them… I couldn’t unsee them.

No gentle kitchen DIYs this time; these trespassers would have to be tackled. The blackhead hotspot would be busted with salicylic acid. Yeah, it’s a strong chemical agent but absolutely safe for facial skin (and effective too). But with only an hour to get dressed, I had no time for that or for clay masks which are a gentler and more permanent fix. Out came the pore strips – instant solution for instant gratification!

My fam didn’t know about my brave act from last evening. Must tell them.

Entering the kitchen, I realised I was in a full-blown war zone — it was Divs v/s mom. Mom was mad about Div’s perpetual stupid diets and Divs was sick of mom’s coddling. I took the ice-cube tray and escaped before getting caught in the crossfire. Ice would soothe the redness from the pore strips. Frankly, mom still thinks of us as 5-year-olds and man can she nag! May the force be with Divs… I thought as I ripped off the nose strip a little too forcefully. Oh… the satisfaction of seeing the gunk-filled strip was unmatched!

The skin around my nose felt dry and flaky but my water-based moisturiser would do the trick. This lightweight formula provides maximum hydration with zero pore-clogging greasiness. Divya walked in, her nose red with anger. I had read that redness around the nostrils is a sign of an unhealthy diet. Did I dare tell her that? Noooooo! I passed her the bowl of ice cubes, that could help soothe the redness but her glare made the cubes shiver.


“I just hope you won’t be sorry in the near future.”

On my way to work, I got a call from a super excited Becca, “My show is approved. It’s titled ‘ARE YOU A SHERO?’ You are on it as the first interviewee if you get here within ½ hour.”

WOW! Me, the first ‘SHERO’. Of course, I would do it. I called in at work and informed them that I’d be late.

Two hours later I walked out of the studio with my nose held high. I quite liked the fame… it could get addictive!

My mobile pinged.

Mallika —
Evening meeting preponed. Hurry!

I dashed into work and almost burst into the meeting room, settling into the first empty chair. “How many creeps have you chased today?”, Mallika asked aloud and everyone laughed. Ruchi asked, “Did all go okay yesterday?” I nodded. Still breathless, I informed them of the radio interview. “Annnddd…?   Are you fishing for compliments?” Nandini ma’am asked. I could feel my insides burn. What a mean soul!

I would have snapped at Mallika if she had so much as said one wrong word that day. Gratefully, she kept her distance and the day went off in a whirl.

I came straight home, looking forward to chilling on my own. If only! 3 pairs of angry eyes glared at me as I entered. They had heard me on the radio show. Sigh! I should’ve told them.

Questions and demands came flying. Mom was livid, “You think you are so smart. You think you know how the world works, but you don’t.” Dad was mad, he bombarded me with inquiries on why the family was kept in the dark. Even daadi was on their side.

I could not understand the fuss. I had fended for myself, identified a culprit… God they should be effing proud of me. Mom, almost hysterical by now, said, “How long do you think that guy will be in jail? How many days? One week, one month? And then, when he is out… what then? What if he comes looking for revenge?”

Eh? What? It hadn’t even crossed my mind! “You want me to be silent. Let that creep get off scot-free… I can’t, I’m sorry.”

“I just hope you won’t be sorry in the near future.” I heard my mom mutter as I left the room. Ughhh! A perfectly good day had been butchered.  Oh, the price of fame!

Megha Knows nose everything:

  • Pore strips + clay masks = no blackhead mine
  • Light, water-based moisturisation for a dry, patchy nose