Ep19: When glowing skin didn’t need products, but I deffo needed happy pills

  • Time 4 min
  • Date September 26, 2020

Eat a little, scrub a little, mask a little.

Two hours later, I was back at work with a happy heart.

On the way to the NGO, I was sick with guilt and anxiety of going to an unknown place. But once there, I was blown away by the love and appreciation. I knew I would always picture those beautiful faces every time I bought a skincare product.

I thought of the anxiety that had crippled me for almost two weeks. It had been exhausting. I can only imagine what it must be like for people with clinical depression and anxiety.

But for now, I had another anxious moment to deal with. Owning up to ND. Not easy, but it had to be done. I walked into her cabin but before I could speak, ND mentioned that she already knew everything! Obviously that opportunist Mallika had ratted my out! I had to do something.

I said, “It is such a wonderful gesture, ma’am… it could have all backfired because of…” ND interrupted me, “… because of Mallika. I told you I know. She has already confessed, Megha.”

Whhaaat! Did Mallika just take the entire blame? Reeling from the shock of what I just heard, I missed what ND said next, except for, ‘Let’s not waste more time on this.’

But it was difficult to let it be. I looked at ND, “Ma’am, I want you to know the truth, she did not…..”

“Pay attention to her work. Right?”, completed ND looking exasperated. Giving me a disappointed look, she continued, “I expected better from you, Megha. Teams work together… they don’t tell on each other. Competition between co-workers must be healthy.”


The evening was going well until Becca announced that she had found an investor for her venture.

What was she talking about? Then it struck me. She thought I wanted to mud-sling Mallika. To tell tales. Telling on Mallika’s fake act would only make her look a goddess. I decided to leave the room. Confronting Mallika only made me madder as she shrugged saying, “ND inquired about the delivery.  Remember, I took your credit once? Well, now I took your blame too. We are quits.” Uuuurrrggghhh!

Annoyed and irritated, I got back to work. ‘Five ways to get glowing skin without products’ — perfect for DIY-loving me.

Despite everything that had happened, the research spoke to me. Healthy glowing skin is a balance of a good lifestyle and skincare habits.

Beauty sleep: It’s the real deal; something I am not getting enough of lately. Since our skin cells go into repair overdrive while we snore away, lack of sleep hinders the renewal process and that shows on our face the next morning. You remember the racoon eyes, right?

 Eat healthy: What you put into your body shows on your face (and on your hips too). Oh, and healthy food doesn’t always have to be torture for your taste buds — think berries, citrus fruit, salmon and dark chocolate.

Exercise: Get moving… you choose how. Sweating helps your skin get rid of impurities and toxins while increasing blood flow.

Note to self: Can’t miss Zumba no more.

As if on cue, my mobile pinged.

Shams — Dinner tonight????

Megha — Yaasssss

I needed an audience to rant.

Drink water:  Water is the elixir! Hydration delivers essential nutrients to skin cells and boosts the elasticity of your skin. So bottom line — drink up.

Finally, DIY, FTW! For a self-appointed DIY queen, this was kickass. Every kitchen has ingredients that are good enough to go on your face! Think yogurt, oatmeal, honey, banana… use whatever you can get your hands on. Eat a little, scrub a little, mask a little.

The evening didn’t arrive fast enough. And when it finally did, it was a total disaster. It was going well until Becca announced that she had found an investor for her venture. I was ecstatic till I heard it was Samar’s connection. That just flipped me out; I threw a savage tantrum.  Completely stole Becca thunder and rained all over her parade.

I took it all out on them — my frustration, my exhaustion, my anxiety. And then I left… right in the middle of dinner!

Something was horribly wrong with me… I had to take action before it was too late.

Megha’s zero-product route to glowing skin:

  • Catch your zzz’s
  • Dunk the junk
  • Get off the couch
  • All hail, H2O
  • Swear by kitchen beauty