Ep20: When a counsellor was as important to my soul as a cleansing balm was to my skin

  • Time 4 min
  • Date October 3, 2020

“That’s the thing with us, we don’t hold grudges”

I felt terrible. I needed to talk to someone, but I had just walked out on the ones I could reach out to. What a mess!

Divs was, as usual, glued to her laptop. She has a no-filter attitude towards me, like most siblings. She will hold the mirror to my face and I already know the reflection there. Daadi would listen to me patiently and then go tell mom. My mom… oh, she would shoot me worried looks and put Divs on the job of tailing my thoughts and feelings. In short, mom would drive me nuts. Ironically, my issue was that I was already going nuts! So not an option. And dad, he would be most undramatic and ground me post 7 pm. Period. Ufff.

Then I did the stupidest thing. I sought help from Dr.Google and found myself spiralling into a dark world. Does fear make you anxious? Does anxiety make you fearful? Does anxiety make you…? I was getting sucked into the Worldwide Web of Worry. I had to save myself; I shut the laptop. That was easy. Shutting my brain was an entirely different matter. In that darkness, a light struck. I needed help, professional help. That thought finally helped me sleep.

Next morning, I apologised to the girls. As expected, they acted tough. I wanted to spill my plans but then thought against it. One wrong word, one amused sarcy comment and my precarious mind could change its decision. It could wait. Instead, I congratulated Becca.  And things were good by the time the call ended. That’s the thing with us… we don’t hold grudges and any issue can be resolved. Or so I thought…

I made an appointment with a well-known therapist and was slotted for next week. I had hoped for something sooner but knowing that help was a few days away calmed me down.

Once at my desk, I began working on ‘what makes cleansing balms the superheroes of makeup removers’ with renewed enthusiasm. No expensive product works if you’re not cleansing correctly. I totally endorse cleansing balms. You wouldn’t use expensive nail polish on chipped nails, would you?


“A million thoughts crossed my mind as I awaited my turn at the clinic.”

If you haven’t made the switch yet, try out an oil-based cleansing formula with a creamy or even gel-like consistency. Here’s why, the oil component removes every trace of makeup (even the most stubborn formulas) and prevents skin from drying. You can either rinse your face or just let your skin soak in all the goodness. Follow it up with your moisturiser or don’t, either way your skin will be happy. And the best part…. this magical product works like a face wash and a night cream!

I remember how sceptical Becca had been when I first introduced her to cleansing balms, she worried that they would aggravate her acne. Today, she is hooked to them. In fact, she’s now realised that the rich oil content draws out excess oil that settles deep in the pores and prevents an acne attack!

Immersed in my work, I almost didn’t hear my phone ring. It was the counsellor’s clinic asking if I could come in that evening as a slot had cleared up. You bet I can!

As I put the phone down, I saw Mallika walking out with a suave guy. Hmmmm… who was he? I caught up with ND and Ruchi only to be joined by Mallika. Without a second thought, I smirked at her (just as she usually does) and said, “So, who was that delicious guy?”. A strange silence descended. ND answered, “That was my son.” Ouch! Why do I always seem to put my foot in my mouth around ND? I mumbled something and rushed out only to hear the girls burst into laughter.

Later that evening a million thoughts crossed my mind as I awaited my turn at the clinic. I was edgy, I wished I had brought someone along. Shams would have been ideal. And then almost as if my mind had conjured her up, I saw Shams walk out of the counsellor’s cabin, towards the receptionist and then out. Before my mind could register it, she was gone. My curiosity got the better of me so I talked to the receptionist. With eyes glued to Candy Crush, she shrugged her ample shoulders, “Yeah, she’s been coming for 3 years.” I was stumped. Shams? Counselling? 3 years? Why? Why didn’t I know?

Had my turn not been next, I would have chased after her… but that would have to wait.

Cleansing balms — 1; Makeup — 0

  • Removes the toughest formulas with ease (yep, no scrubbing)
  • Oil-based so it doesn’t dry out your skin
  • Unclogs pores so you say ‘no, thank you’ to breakouts