Glowing Skin

Debunking Common Glowing skin Myths

Ever wondered what glowing skin actually stands for? Read on as we debunk myths around it and give you some essential skin care tips…

What’s glowing skin for you? The kind of sun-kissed skin you achieve after a vacay or that lit-from-within-glow you get right after using your favourite highlighter? Sure, all of these factors might externally enhance your skin but do they truly help you achieve that naturally radiant glowing skin? Let’s find out while demystifying these myths…

Myth #1: Glowing skin is a result of the many products I use

Skin is the largest organ in the body. Masking it with products will not lead to glowing skin. The 12-step skincare routine might be a celebrated regimen but is it truly practical? Does your skin actually need as much layering? When it comes to skin, less is always more! So bid adieu to all the 76647484 products you’ve been hoarding because they might actually be doing you more harm than good.

Myth #2: Fair skin is glowing skin

No! Glowing skin is defined by how hydrated the skin is or by how plump it looks—not by skin colour. Complexion hardly has anything to do with how healthy your skin is from the inside.

Myth #3: Diet won’t impact my glow as long as I’m using pricey skincare

How we wish we could binge on those pizzas and never have to worry about them impacting our skin! Unfortunately, oily, processed and junk foods can easily take the natural glow away from the skin in addition to causing acne. It is important to invest time and effort into your skin from the outside-in and from the inside-out.

Myth #4: I have clear skin—doesn’t that count as glowing skin?

You’re lucky to have skin that isn’t too temperamental. But is your skin moisturised enough? Does it take well to changes in weather? Does it break out when you decide to indulge in potato chips? If the answers to all of the above is no, then you have clear-ish skin but that does not maketh a glow!

Essential skincare tips to live by to achieve glowing skin

In an effort to curate a glow-guide of sorts, we have put together some sure-shot tips to lasting, glowing skin…

A quick face massage goes a long way

The trick is to increase blood flow and circulation. Using your fingertips, massage a serum or oil into your face before applying makeup to get that natural glow.

Get out and about

We all run and hide from the sun because we are worried about getting a tan.  But good skin needs Vitamin D—something that’s available in plenty, outside. So break the Netflix-and-chill routine and take in all the fresh air and oxygen – it’s the most natural facelift you’ll find.

Exfoliate regularly

For skin that really glows, it is time to start exfoliating. Once-a-week exfoliation helps remove all the dull, dead upper skin layer, leaving a layer of young radiant skin cells beneath.

Skin fasting

Skin fasting is the act of avoiding all skincare products to “detox” your visage—a beneficial practice that will not only detox your skin but will also help you recognize your skin’s true potential or problems. Either way, if you are a serious glow-getter, this is a must-try.

Follow a routine

Following a regular skincare routine pays huge dividends. We would say a good rule to follow is that ‘less is always more’ and being gentle on your skin, is the best way to show it some love.

Image Credits: @arjun.mark (Instagram)

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