Diet affects skin

How Your Diet Affects Your Skin

Because you are what you eat, right?

Remember those Pinterest quotes you stumble upon ever so often —“Your life is a result of the [food] choices you make”, “Life is a matter of choices and every [food] choice you make, makes you”, etc. [See what we did there?] Now hold that thought and read on.

When it comes to food, we have a basic understanding of what’s a good eat versus ‘today I’mma mute all my instincts because it’s FRY-day!’ — DW, this is all of us. The earnestness with which we look forward to our Saturday chEATs is all too real.

But here’s a little something. While the binges feel great, almost food-gasmic, it’s been written [somewhere] in history that all actions have consequences, and your diet will affect your skin!

Let’s talk dairy

Think cheese, cream, ice cream. Play a little montage of your favourite foods, there’s a chance at least 60% of it is causing you to breakout. How so? Well, toning down the science, it’s simply because dairy products trigger the production of oil in our skin that eventually aids acne.

Milk and other forms of protein release a hormone that’s similar to insulin called IGF-1. This hormone is known to cause acne. Moreover, hormones in milk can interact with human hormones—something that causes strain on the endocrine system leading to zits!

So skip the dairy and opt for almond and soy milk instead.

Let’s talk drinks

Anything that’s bubbly, fizzy or caffeinated is bottomline NOT good for your skin. Bubbly as in alcohol, dilates your pores and dehydrates your skin in entirety. Soda aka the fizz does the same, in addition to causing premature aging, which is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Caffeine, on the other hand, particularly tickles your stress hormones, which is what causes your skin to breakout.

Try this instead—swap your soda for iced tea [ups if you can make it unsweetened] Little steps, big changes. Wine is fine but keep it in check!

Let’s talk sugars and carbs

We don’t mind playing the bearer of reality checks when we say you ought to take the ‘less is more’ route on sugars, salt and carbs. Here’s why. Sugar is an inflammatory food. This means it surges up your insulin levels, which is usually core to the formation of acne. Other carbs such as bread, rice and pasta too are acne triggers with a high GI [glycemic index], because the refined carbs in these foods directly affect blood sugar levels. Excessive sodium intake, on the other hand, causes water retention, which not only leads to dehydration but also makes your skin puffy, as in undereye bags. If this doesn’t make you take salt by the pinch…

But wait, we didn’t mean to paint a dystopian picture there. Because your GLO up is real too and as a matter of fact, it is also because of what you eat. So how do you eat right?

Let’s eat right

Stock up on some Omega-3s to begin with—they protect the skin from sun-induced inflammation. Salmon, tuna, sardines, and even walnuts, all help reduce inflammation that sugar dials up. Next up, antioxidants such as tomatoes, bell peppers and of course, green tea. They help keep your skin supple by flushing out stored toxins and also increase your skin’s elasticity by boosting collagen production. If you only include these two major food components in your diet [to begin with], you’re already off to a good start. And trust us, your skin will be so thankful, the hashtag #iwokeuplikethis will be all yours to own!

Image Credits: @selenagomez (Instagram)

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