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5 Little Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

Journaling or a digital detox—which one would you opt for?

We believe less is more. Not just with skincare but when it comes to our weekly to-do lists too. Easy for us to say, you think? How does one slow down for the sake of mental health in this fast-paced life? We aren’t telling you to drop out of the rat race or swim against the tide and say f*ck the world, I’m going to go meditate in the mountains. Nah—that’s not us! We are simply proposing you incorporate a few lifestyle changes for your mental well-being. Here are a few tips…

Less surfing, pretty please?

Remember how we told you that blue screens can damage your skin? Well, they’re just as bad for your mental health. Digital screens take away the downtime you need for yourself. Research even suggests that there’s a correlation between anxiety and digital screens. Worse, it affects your sleep—the blue light from screens imitates the light from the sun and disrupts your sleep cycle. We know it’s tough in this digital age—but taking a break every now and then from your phone and laptop isn’t much to ask for!

Write it out

Nope—we’re not talking about the ones that you need for your work to-do lists. This one’s your personal diary. Make journaling a habit—even if it means taking 5 minutes at the end of the day to write out everything that happened in the day—the good, the bad and the ugly. At times, just processing your feelings by writing them out can be hugely beneficial for your mental health.

Break up, break-free

Say goodbye to that relationship you’ve been struggling with. Break up with the friend who’s always running you down. Get out of a job that makes you feel trapped! Nothing and no one toxic deserves a place in your life. If there’s something like this that’s affecting your mental health, cut those ties now, because you deserve to be happy, gurl!

Work that body

We’re not saying you need to be a certain size. We’re just saying you ought to squeeze in a quick workout no matter how busy you are. How does that make a difference to your mental health? Exercise reduces stress, improves memory and uplifts your mood. A 20-minute walk, a Tabata class, a zumba workout—which one are you going for?

Good vibes only

Yes, we know you’re a busy bee but talking positively to yourself takes only a few seconds. Use words that stimulate feelings of self-worth. Every morning tell yourself something affirmative—be it how you look or what you’ve achieved. You know how they say, you are what you think? It’s true! So make sure you think highly of yourself and say it out loud for the sake of mental health.

Image Credits: @adamjk (Instagram)

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