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What Happens To Your Skin When You Sleep With Makeup On

Skipping the makeup remover can lead to several skin woes—from acne to wrinkles…

Are you guilty of going to bed with makeup on? We’ve been there too, but we learnt the hard way and know by now that it’s probably one of the biggest beauty sins you can commit. We get it though—makeup removal after a long day or a night of tequila shots can seem like a big commitment. It is at such times that you wish “Siri, remove my makeup” was a legit idea. If only this was a reality! But if you want the gift of good skin, removing makeup before getting into that cosy bed might be a small yet rewarding way to get to your #skingoals!

What’s standing between you and healthy skin?

When you skip the makeup remover, you’re causing some serious damage to your skin. Waterproof eyeliners might help you stay abreast with makeup trends but can cause eye concerns if not removed. Liquid lipsticks—we love them for their staying powers but they’re super drying. When you don’t remove lipstick, you’re only making your lips further dry and chapped. Did you know that the skin goes through a process of renewal and rejuvenation while you sleep? All the makeup, grime and sweat that have settled on to your skin come in the way of this process (basically, eww). Worse, wearing makeup while you snooze can clog your pores leading to a range of skin woes like breakouts, ageing and eye irritations.

What happens to your skin when you don’t remove your makeup? 

Zit attack

Makeup coupled with dirt, excess oil and sweat settles into your pores over time. This build-up causes what most of us fear the most—blackheads and breakouts. So the next time you wake up with a pimple, you know what to blame!

Lacklustre skin

Ever heard of cell turnover? It’s no rocket science but in simple terms, it’s the natural process of your body producing new skin cells and shedding the old ones to ensure there’s no dead cell build-up. Since makeup and bacteria are trapped inside your pores, this natural turnover of your skin is compromised.

In the absence of a cleansing routine, your skin is unable to get rid of the day’s dirt, makeup and dead skin. This is why you might wake up to dull skin if you forget to remove your makeup the night before.

Wrinkles, before time

Going to bed with a full face of makeup leads to collagen (the protein that keeps your skin supple and taut) breakdown through the night. We all know what happens when collagen takes a beating? Premature ageing, wrinkles and a ton of anxiety!

Parched, dry skin

We’re not ones to force this on you, but an ideal PM skincare routine needs a night cream after you’ve removed your makeup. Removing your makeup ensures that your skin is able to breathe through the night and slathering an enriching moisturiser will accelerate the process of skin repair. In the absence of these basic skin steps, your skin will turn dry and dehydrated. Ouch!

A series of eye troubles

You’ve told yourself, “It’s just mascara, NBD, right?” Wrong! Mascara residue can cause some serious damage to your lashes and eyes. It’s almost like a breeding ground for bacteria. The repercussions of going to bed with mascara on your lashes? Irritation, styes and guilt!

Expert speak

To add to our dope on this concern, DoYou spoke to Vinali Pal, a Mumbai-based makeup artist who understands the perils of skipping the makeup removal step. She tells us, “We all take so much care of our bodies; we take showers every day to get rid of impurities so I see no reason why we must not do the same with our facial skin by getting rid of makeup at the end of the day.

We’re all lazy when it comes to removing makeup but when you miss this step, you’re inviting bacteria to make a home in your skin. All the dust, pollution and makeup start settling into your pores over time leading to skin flare-ups, blackheads and early ageing. Plus, if you don’t remove your makeup, you’re eventually going to make matters worse for yourself since you’ll be spending all your hard-earned money on dermatologists. So, it’s better to take charge of your skin now than suffer later.”

Most of us are lazy when it comes to makeup removal but Vinali suggests seeing this as an investment you make in yourself, “Think of it as ‘me’ time and see it as a self-care ritual that you need to inculcate for the health of your skin. This is your moment with yourself after a tiring day. What better way to indulge in self-care than a little routine that benefits your skin?” Don’t know about you but we’re already adding ‘remove makeup’ to our list of priorities, stat!

There’s nothing better than a fresh face: clean, smooth and germ-free.  But to get there, you need to give a little, to get a little. Removing your makeup before going to bed seems like a good start!

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  1. Some of my makeup obsessed friends always approach Vinali for beauty related advice! She really knows her gears!

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