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8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Mental Health In Check During Quarantine

The Covid-19 pandemic is unlike anything most of us have seen before. Masks are the new normal, news updates are apocalyptic and the global economy is at a standstill. Navigating this time to stay mentally sound is no small feat. To help you out, we’ve put together 8 simple ways to keep your mental health in check while in quarantine.

These are unprecedented times we are living in. Just as the world was conjuring plans to make 2020 a great year, a deadly pandemic turned everything upside down. What’s more, the best we can do to wage war on coronavirus, is to remain holed up in our homes and wait it out.

In times like these, it’s but natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious. So, we’ve rounded up 8 simple ways that can help you keep a check on your mental well-being in these dystopian times.

Maintain A Gratitude Diary

Let’s admit it—as the coronavirus sweeps across the world, a whole lot of negativity has crept into our lives. So, in times when we’re weighed down by uncertainty and angst, we need to practise gratitude. Maintain a journal—every morning, make a note of something you’re grateful for in general. For instance, a loving family, or perhaps, access to the internet. Every night, make an entry about something pleasant that may have happened during the day. This will help you shut out the bad thoughts and open the doors to positivity.

Routine Is Your Friend

It is pretty tempting to wake up at midday, eat breakfast at 1 pm and lunch at 4 pm. However, lack of structure in your day could be a great recipe for disaster. Unclear distinctions between work time and chill time, daytime and night-time can heighten your stress. So, try to come up with a new routine for yourself.

Get Moving

Getting your dose of exercise while being stuck at home can be difficult. This is especially true for those who sweat it out by making trips to the gym or parks. However, staying active during the pandemic is especially crucial. You can practise yoga, aerobics, or simply move around the house to keep lethargy at bay.

Go Easy On Yourself

You don’t have to use this time to add more feathers to your hat. While this may seem like a great opportunity to finish that online course or to learn a skill, don’t stress yourself out. It is important to remind yourself, time and again, that these aren’t normal times we are living in.

Don’t Underestimate Self-Care

Self-care is anything but a luxury. It’s a need and more so in unstable times like these. Try updating your playlist, a DIY face mask, cooking something you love or simply decluttering your closet—you can always turn to Marie Kondo for inspiration.

Take Breaks From The News

The desire to stay in the know and to confront the reality of the world is understandable. However, constant exposure to gut-wrenching updates can be really exhausting. If you feel the need to distance yourself from the news, do it.

Unleash Your Creative Side

You don’t need to ‘be creative’ to be able to do this. Activities like painting, sketching, doodling, dancing or singing can release dopamine—a natural anti-depressant. So, use that newfound free time by flexing your creativity and taming your wild mind.

Stay Connected With The Outside World

Don’t quarantine your communication because of the pandemic. Staying connected with friends and family can benefit even the most introverted person out there. In addition to staying in touch with friends, you can join online reading circles, virtual coffee groups and similar communities on the internet.

These are stressful times for all of us. However, if we keep close tabs on our mental health, half the battle’s won!

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