Morning Skincare Mistakes

Morning Skincare Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Now

You’ve fine-tuned your night-time skincare habits and we’re proud of you for that. But what about mornings? Are you sure you’re not guilty of these common morning skincare mistakes? Only one way to know — scroll down to find out.

You overslept, your hair’s all greasy and you barely have the time to make yourself breakfast. Well, you have our sympathies but even that rushed a morning doesn’t mean you take your skincare for granted. And if you’re one of those who don’t give their morning skincare routine its due, we’re making it clear that it’s as important as your bedtime skincare regimen, if not more. Scroll to find out how many of these morning skincare mistakes you’re guilty of.

You skip the norming cleansing

Nope, just splashing water on your face doesn’t count as cleansing. While you were asleep, your skin cells were secreting toxins, sebum and oil. To add to that, there’s also the shedding of dead skin cells to factor in. Plus, you were probably sleeping on unwashed linen, which is another terrible pore-clogging habit. Still, think you can skip the morning cleanse?

You wash your face with hot water

That’s probably a good way for you to wake up, but not for your skin. The use of extreme temperatures is bad news for your skin so stick to lukewarm water instead — it’ll help open your pores and cleanse better. Finish off with a few cold splashes so your pores close. That’s one cleansing mistake down.

You shampoo after cleansing your face

Along with the usual haircare mistakes that trigger skin breakouts, not cleansing your face after you’ve washed your locks is a big one. All you need to do is rearrange your showering routine so you can step out of the shower with a squeaky-clean face.

You exfoliate in the morning

We’re not asking you to not scrub-a-dub-dub but saving the exfoliation game for a better time is a smart move. Exfoliating your face right before stepping out makes it that much easier for dirt and impurities to settle into open pores and clog them.

You’re not timing the application correctly

Parts where you should rush — pat dry your face and slap on moisturiser within 30 seconds of cleansing your face. Parts where you should take it slow — after each layer, allow the formula a good 5 minutes to sink in and for your skin to absorb the nourishment. Do you copy?

You’re not good with sunscreen

This could mean many things — you scrimp on the required amount, you forget your neck and chest, you leave the house too soon after applying it, or you don’t throw the tube in your tote ‘cause once a day is enough! It’s a big NO from us to all these sunscreen mistakes.

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