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Nail Art Trends That Are ‘Nailing It’ OnThe ‘Gram

Hit up your manicurist, stat!

If you’re a religious stalker of Kylie Jenner’s Insta Stories, you’re already in the know of the nail art trends that are going big this year. If not, then we’re rounding ‘em up for ya — with a little help from Seema Jaswani, nail art expert and founder, Jass Studio, Mumbai.

French manicure, but make it 2020

We’d written about how the French manicure received a much-needed upgrade last year, here. Well, Seema seconds the thought, with a slightly more practical approach. She says, “Even though women are more experimental with their nail art, they still try to remain practical about their choices. This is because they want their nails to go with all their outfits — and the French manicure, classic or upgraded, goes perfectly well with all.”

Give yourself an all-clear pass

Move aside sheer, the clear club’s here! This one’s for the better though, for you already have all your transparent PVC fashion experiments to match your clear nails with — ‘clearly’ a win! To amp it up further, opt for a transparent chrome gel polish and watch your manicurist work her magic.

Go chrome or go home

There’s no easier way to say this. Chrome nails aka the highly reflective ‘shiny nails’ that make for greatly aesthetic Instagram uploads [even better with the Huji cam] are here to stay! Seema seems to agree — “Some of our most popular and in-demand nail art has been nude chrome nails, mirror effect nails and the elusive unicorn effect, which is a combination of lilac-white with a transparent sheen on top.”

Take matte-rs into your own hands

Matte nails shall always stay in vogue. Why? Seema explains, “Matte nails, especially in nude and neutral tones are the perfect accessory for working women who like to stay on trend but also prefer to keep it subtle without drawing too much attention.”

Throw in an accent and accentuate

Accent nails are, simply put, the minimalist’s way of having fun. When OTT isn’t your game but you still fancy a tease, that’s when you throw in an accent. “Accent nails are a big trend right now. The accents range from glittery to geometric to 3D—anything and everything that adds a spritz of personality to a manicure” says Seema.

Boxy is so foxy

Boxy tips were arguably the second biggest nail trend that took over Instagram last summer, right after neon nails. If you hadn’t tried them, this is your cue. They’re the thin lines, quite literally, taking the French manicure from cliché to chic — to which Seema says while signing off, “We’re all for trying new and interesting nail trends off the ‘Gram, so why not!”

Don’t know about you but we’ve already booked an appointment with our manicurist!

Image Credits: @buffcsjen @amyle.nails @thehangedit (Instagram)

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