Tea Spill

The chronicles of our favourite girl gang — now rounded up!

The highlights you'd never wanna skip!

SPILL THE (beau)TEA is your story as much as it is Megha’s, Rebecca’s and Shamita’s. Amidst demanding jobs, a LIT (yet crushing) social life, exhausting relationships and forever friendships, the gang tries to keep up with the bustling city life, and in the process, discovers beauty that doesn’t add to the bustle. Almost always witty, mostly insightful, sometimes savage, and very rarely boring — their eventful life excerpts might help take the edge off your equally busy life. Speaking of which, we know that you find yourself low-key wishing a day had 48 hours instead of just 24.

We get it, the hustle never seems to end. Now whether our trio becomes a part of your daily commute to work or you choose to binge their stories all together over the weekend, either way you’ll be beaming at how familiar all of it feels. And just in case you find it tough to keep up with the squad, here’s where you can find easy recaps about what the ladies have been up to while you were away — basically, a roundup of all the (beau)TEA that they’ve spilt. Oops!