Our Story and Cast

Our Story

We can’t imagine life without our squad — the ladies who’re our loudest cheerleaders, our biggest critics, our sassiest wing women, our 24*7 therapists, our 3am confidantes. Our girlfriends feel like home — with them, we’re never too crazy, too loud, too sensitive, too cranky… we’re just our unapologetic, zero-filter selves. Just like you and your gang, Megha, Rebecca and Shamita are each other’s main women. Their busy city lives are fuelled by two things — sisterhood and uncomplicated beauty. Their story, their antics, their conversations, their need for breezy beauty will have you grinning at the familiarity. Bottom line — Don’t be surprised when you find a little of yourself in them and a little of them in you. Happy reading!

Our Cast

  • Megha


  • Rebecca


  • Shamita

    Jewellery Designer

  • Mallika


  • Nandini Dewan

    Boss Lady


Fiercely ambitious and morally upright, Megha is living her dream life as a Cosmetologist at DoYou. A true-blue millennial, Megha doesn’t shy away from calling a spade a spade — an attribute that she probably won’t trade for anything.

An ardent believer of retail therapy, say ‘DIY beauty’ and see Megha's eyes light up — her mom and baby sister are her biggest guinea pigs. Hailing from a middle-class family, Megha doesn't believe in paying heed to her credit card limit while shopping online, which serves as a constant cause of worry for her conservative father. Her fascination with beauty was a hand-me-down from her grandmother and there’s nothing she would rather do for a living than dig deeper into the beauty-verse.

Megs to her squad, few things get Megha as excited as sushi, beaches and yoga. When not in a hurry to tick things off her bucket list, you’ll find Megha busy squishing her cat, Cobalt, or saving haute stuff on Instagram.


An engineer by education and a musician by passion, Rebecca moved from Bengaluru to Mumbai almost a decade ago and never left. Becca to her buddies, she’s high on the city life — she’s a popular RJ at a leading radio station and shares a rented (read cramped) apartment with two flatmates.

Surviving on equal portions of khichdi and pizza, Rebecca’s battle with the bulge has been a long one. Always the first one to experiment with latest fashion and beauty fads, her life revolves around two committed relationships — one with her dog, Nawab and the other with her long-time beau, Akhil.

Rebecca often dreams about seeing the Northern Lights and making it big in the music industry, but until then she’s got her telescope and her guitar for company. Unlike her acne scars, she would do nothing to conceal her life scars — after all, it’s her struggles that make her the go-getter she is.


Shams to the girls, Shamita is many things at once — a jewellery designer working with a renowned design house, a travel blogger, an active mountaineer, a budding marathoner, and an experimental chef. Her minimalist approach to life reflects in pretty much everything — she’s close to only a handful of people, her wardrobe’s simplistic, her beauty shelf basic… you get the gist.

Disciplined and diplomatic in equal measure, you’ll find Shamita either adding to her overflowing list of ‘mountains to climb’ or typing furiously on Twitter on her day-off. Apart from cooking for her girls and sweating it out at her CrossFit centre, frequent jewellery exhibitions keep her on her toes.

Two things that Shamita is not kicked about in life, boys and beauty. Two things that keep her going in life — being able to support her single mother (who also happens to double up as her BFF) and the dream of learning to make pizzas in Naples.


Hailing from a small town, Mallika hates the fact that she isn't a true-blue city girl. Competitive and narcissistic, her life primarily revolves around all things superficial — be it a Gram-worthy chrome manicure, a bizarre skin facial or a trending crash diet, she’s done them all.

An ardent fan of all things Bollywood and beauty, Mallika is well-read and has an amazing memory. However, she tends to suck when it’s time to put all that information into practical use. Just like her credit card limit, Mallika pays no heed to a person’s private space and tends to come across as way too nosy.

Unlike Megha, Mallika’s moral compass is non-existent. In fact, her opportunistic way of life and the incessant need to please people in power stems from a high degree of insecurity.

Nandini Dewan

Boss lady in the truest sense of the term, think of Nandini Dewan (or ND as Megha calls her) as your low-key Miranda Priestly. Megha’s reporting manager, Dewan is an out-and-out perfectionist, which also makes working for her or with her equally exhausting. The woman’s got her finger on the pulse of the beauty industry but is technologically-challenged, which is where Megha steps in.

Right at the top of ND’s pet peeves are an unkempt appearance and sloppy work. Partly why you’ll find this hard worker always decked up in the most exquisite sarees and equally complementing jewellery. She’s also an overtly critical taskmaster — one that admires an innovative mind but shuns stupidity. Now how’s Megha gonna draw a clear line between what’s unique and what’s plain dumb for ND, only time will tell!