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8 Bad Habits That Might Be Clogging Your Pores

Constantly bothered by how oversized and clogged your pores are? Well, your genes or your skin type may not be the only culprits. These mindless 8 habits may be the roadblocks between you and clear, spotless skin. How many are you guilty of?

You think you’ve got it right — you’re exfoliating twice a week and stocking up on only non-comedogenic beauty formulas. Weirdly enough, the pimple plague doesn’t seem to pass, right? Well, we’re sorry to break this to you, but if you’re guilty of these seemingly innocent pore-clogging habits, clear skin will always be the stuff of dreams.

You don’t shower after a workout

A rigorous workout session doesn’t lead to clogged pores but letting the sweat settle into your skin does.
Solution: No matter how dead you are, get out of those sweaty clothes and take a quick shower. Also, for heaven’s sake, do not wear makeup while working out.

You skip your bedtime cleansing routine

We’ll say this again — no matter how exhausted you might be, do not hit the snooze button without thoroughly cleansing your face of makeup, oil, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells.
Solution: Invest in a brilliant cleansing balm so you can crash sooner.

You don’t clean your phone

That huge phone screen sure makes Netflix Sundays more fun, but news flash — it also makes the transfer of germs that much easier.
Solution: Wipe the screen with an anti-bacterial wipe intermittently, or better still, go hands-free!

You sleep on unwashed linen

What’s wrong with pushing the laundry to next weekend, right? You’ll be sleeping on dirty sheets and pillowcases for another week, which means more zits.
Solution: Opt for silk pillowcases — not only are they less-absorbent but they also lead to lesser hair breakage than usual.

You don’t wash your makeup brushes

Scrubbing your makeup brushes and sponges is as critical as the art of makeup itself. They might not look dirty but there’s a whole ton of bacterial buildup and product residue between those bristles.
Solution: Don’t keep the cleaning for ‘when you have extra time’ — we all know that’s not gonna happen. Also, do not share your brushes, not even with your squad.

You pick on your pimples

One word — NOPE. We know the frustration can be immense but popping pimples not only prolongs healing, but it also contributes to the inflammation, affecting pore size in the long run.
Solution: If letting it heal naturally is a big ask, let an effective pimple patch fast track the process.

You use the wrong makeup products

As much as we love oil-based, waterproof makeup formulas, remember that they create a film over your skin to do their job, potentially pore-clogging.
Solution: Put your money in mineral makeup and as a general rule, try to not keep a full face of makeup for too long.

You always touch your face

Old habits die hard, but this is easily the most mindless habit that can trigger major acne!
Solution: Be more mindful and sanitize your hands more often. Or just ask your friends to point it out to you whenever you’re doing it.

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