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How To Tackle Protective Face Mask-Related Skin Issues

You’re at home, barely subjected to a minimal level of air pollution but your skin concerns seem to be on the rise. Well, if you’ve been experiencing skin irritation post the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re certain that protective face masks are to blame. Scroll down to know more about how to deal with skin problems that flare up when wearing a face mask.

As much as all of us would kill to go back to a time when the word ‘quarantine’ wasn’t used thrice in a single conversation, it’s high time we accept that this is the new normal. As per current statistics, we’re still far from winning the war on Covid-19. To top that, experts believe that scenarios like WFH and wearing a protective face mask, which were unheard of till 2019, might be considered norms in the post-Corona world.

Speaking of face masks, there’s no denying the upsurge in cases of skin irritation, post the outbreak. Here’s why:

  • Most surgical and N95 face masks are made of non-woven textile, so extended contact might leave your skin vulnerable
  • Sensitive skin might experience an allergic reaction or rashes due to the polymer material
  • The moisture trapped in the mask leads to clogged pores, excessive sweating and frequent breakouts, especially for those with acne-prone skin

All in all, while protective face masks are the need of the hour, unfortunately, they don’t paint a rosy picture for your skin.

Easy ways to deal with protective face mask – related skin concerns…

Go easy on makeup

Wearing a mask means subjecting your pores to the humidity trapped inside it for hours. Makeup will only make that worse. If you can’t skip it completely, let your skin breathe and just play around with your eyes.

Cleanse as soon as you get home

You’ve heard this before but we’ll say it one more time — cleanse your face thoroughly once you take your mask off. Stick to a mild yet deeply cleansing formula that gets rid of all the gunk trapped inside your pores. If you want to go that extra mile, try exfoliating (but not more than twice a week, hon).

Use washable masks

Since wearing a clean mask every time may not be feasible, try opting for washable masks and clean them often. This saves your skin from the soiled fabric of a used mask — we’re talking an accumulation of germs, secreted oil, sebum, sweat and dirt. Eeks!

Soothe irritated skin

If you notice dry patches around your mouth, let fresh aloe gel bring in the extra hydration. Similarly, if you notice swelling or redness due to the tightness of your mask, put a cold compress to the task. Easy-peasy, eh?

Create a barrier

Before you strap on a mask, layer your skin with a lightweight protective moisturising formula, preferably a water-based one that doesn’t clog your pores or is too heavy on the skin. Oh and while you do your pre-mask skincare, make sure you apply sunscreen all over your face. You don’t want ugly tan lines, right? Plus, wearing a mask does not mean you’re getting away from harmful UV rays.

Don’t scrimp on overnight skincare

The magic word here is ‘repair’, so make sure your bedtime skincare habits are all about that. Use a night cream or any moisturiser your skin favours.

With these tips in hand, you’ll easily put up a strong fight against face mask-related skin concerns!

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