How to squeeze exercise into your busy schedule

Here’s how you can stay supple and agile when you’re spending most of the day at a desk or in a car

If you’re an office-goer then you probably (just like us!) spend most of your day staring at a screen or commuting to and fro work, which isn’t the ideal thing for your back, neck or eyes. “Tech Neck” is a thing now. That stiff, end-of-day feeling that sometimes travels down your back? Yep, everyone’s got it. So are “Tech Eyes” (dry, itchy, red, watery, stingy eyes). While you can wear trendy anti-reflection glasses for the former, you’ll need help from the experts for the latter.

Here are a few Yoga poses that’ll keep your Tech neck in check. (hey, that rhymed!)


If you drive to work and have a long commute, then (you have our sympathies) but here’s an easy in-car workout to make sure your spine isn’t tired by the time you get to work.

Roll It Out

Roll your ankles a few times making clockwise and counterclockwise circles. Then, focus on rolling your shoulders forwards and backwards to prevent the shoulders from inching towards your ears.

Check Your Blind Spot

Give your neck a stretch, with this workout, by shifting your gaze over your right shoulder and then over the left. Try tilting the head from side to side.

Lion’s Breath

Relieve tension in your face with this breathing technique. Take a deep belly breath in through your nose and then breathe out while sticking out your tongue and crossing your eyes. While you might look a little odd to fellow commuters, it’s a surprisingly great way to relieve stress.

Seated Cat/Cow

Roll out your spine by arching your shoulders and back as you exhale into cat pose. Then, sway the belly forward and allow the chest to pull through on the inhale into cow pose.

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