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Easy-Peasy Skin Care Tips For The Millennial Bride-to-be

A simple guide to getting your glow game strong when you’re a busy bride-to-be...

Your wedding is around the corner. The months of shopping, decision-making, arguments, bridezilla moments and mayhem will come down to this one day. And we promise—it’ll be totally worth it. But with all the energy you put into wedding planning, there’s a chance your overall health, especially your skin health is being severely compromised.

As a bride, you’re constantly under stress and are probably juggling so much. You’re a multitasker—one who wears many hats with utmost ease. But even you have your bad days when you just can’t seem to have it under control. Could it be that all the stress is causing a sudden acne outburst? Is your skin so dry that even dollops of moisturiser are doing nothing to better the health of your skin? If this is your story, we have a few easy bridal skin care tips to share…

Up the hydration, stat!

We know you’re busy—wedding shopping is taking up your time and there are work commitments that cannot be put on the back burner either. What’s the easiest route to get your glow on despite your chock-a-block schedule? Drink water—3-4 litres of it! Water helps your skin retain moisture and builds the skin’s elasticity. Hello, fresh and supple skin!

Workout but make it quick

No, we’re not asking you to sign up for pilates or crossfit ‘coz we know that’s too much commitment given your demanding schedule. Try a 30-minute walk or climb the stairs in your building/workplace to help your body release endorphins (chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers in the body) This is one of the easiest bridal skin care tips to adopt. It reduces stress and keeps you relaxed. Who wants to go from bridezilla to bridechilla? We bet you do!

Goodbye, junk food

The stress is going to get to you. The result? You’ll probably reach out for a bag of chips! But junk food can cause some serious inflammation in the form of acne or rashes and that’s the last thing you want before your big day. It is essential to provide the body with antioxidants and minerals in order to have healthy and glowing skin. Lack of vitamins or minerals lead to nail and hair breakage and causes your skin to dry. This means including whole grains, leafy greens and lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet for the health of your skin.

Seek professional help

If your skin concerns are getting out of hand, an effective bridal skin care tip would be to take time out to visit the dermatologist. It’s best not to play trial and error with your skin and submit to a professional for medical help when required.

Try and test

There will be bridal advice aplenty—your friends will ask you to try a new peel or your relatives will gift you products that could even mean a new skin care routine! It’s best not to experiment too close to the wedding but if you have 3-4 months in hand, do a patch test with products to see if they suit your skin.

Love yourself

They say happy girls are the prettiest and it’s a 100% true. Do what you can to embrace your natural beauty. The number one rule for bridal skin care? Love yourself—make yourself a priority even with so much going on. And stay away from bad vibes!

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