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What Your Skin Concerns Are Trying To Tell You

Struggling with acne? Tired of those pesky dark circles? Wondering how your skin got so dry? Perhaps your skin is trying to tell you to take charge of your health—seek professional help or correct your lifestyle. Keep reading to know what we’re getting at!

If not all, most of us are guilty of focusing on how to get rid of a pimple overnight, instead of taking a minute to understand why it’s popped up in the first place. Often, our skin concerns try to tell us so much about our bodies, but we never seem to tune in. We’ve decoded the causes behind the most common skin problems…

Dark Circles

We cannot stress on this enough but the best treatment for dark circles is clocking in a minimum of 8 hours of solid sleep every night. One of the other causes of dark circles is a possible allergy that causes your blood vessels to dilate. And since the skin around our eyes is the thinnest, this area appears darker than the rest of our face.

Under-Eye Bags

If you’ve been celebrating too many happy hours, we have a problem here. Consumption of too much alcohol is one of the biggest causes of under-eye bags, with smoking as a close second. Apart from slathering on an effective under-eye cream as a quick resort, consider a lifestyle change for long-term results.

Dry Skin

Unlike a parched throat, parched skin is visible to the world. Goes without saying, reach for that neglected bottle of water sitting on your work desk stat! Also, try to include more hydrating foods in your diet and a nutrient-rich, water-based moisturiser in your daily skincare routine.


Firstly, if you’ve been suffering from prolonged acne, getting your hormones checked and seeking professional help in charting out the ideal acne-prone skincare routine is a must. Also, as a thumb-rule, stay away from formulas that are oil-based and don’t claim to be non-comedogenic.

Dark Spots

You might consider skipping the sunscreen on a rushed morning as ‘no big deal’ but we’re not sure the dark patches on your face quite agree with that. It’s time you accept the fact that the best treatment for dark spots is just rubbing in your sunblock every few hours.

Chapped/Pigmented Lips

Pigmented lips are either the result of excessive smoking or prolonged sun exposure. Apart from stubbing out that cigarette, invest in a lip serum. Chapped lips, on the other hand, are a clear sign of dehydration. So along with drinking more water, follow a timely lip care routine—use a lip scrub to exfoliate and a lip balm to keep them supple.

Premature Ageing

The fine lines on your neck made you shriek internally last night but relax, signs of premature aging can be controlled. Skin ages quicker when your body is deprived of essential nutrients so you may need to change things up in your daily diet. In addition to that, put an anti-aging night cream to good use.

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