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Is Your Skin Safe Indoors?

How UV rays and blue light can cause a great amount of damage to the skin even when you’re indoors…

Think your skin is safe and protected indoors? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this may not be entirely true. Be it UV radiation penetrating through your windows or the blue light emitted from your phone screen, there are many ways in which your skin is suffering even if you’re indoors. Find out more below…

Long hours in the AC leads to dryness

Long hours in the AC can lead to dry and itchy skin. Air conditioners tend to get rid of all the moisture in a room including the moisture from your skin. This can lead to premature ageing since dry skin is prone to wrinkles. It decreases the production of sweat, resulting in toxins lingering in your skin. It also reduces the oil production of your skin causing your skin to turn dull, unhealthy and dehydrated.

What’s your solution?

Moisturise your skin regularly—at least twice a day even if you’re at home. A moisturiser will replenish the lost moisture in your skin thereby keeping it supple and taut even in an air-conditioned room. But if you truly want your skin to glow and stay hydrated—do it from the inside by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Blue light exposure can cause pigmentation

Prolonged use of electronics can lead to exposure to blue light. Sources of blue light include the sun, electronic devices, digital screens (TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets), and fluorescent and LED lighting. Blue light has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin like UVA and UVB light, leading to premature ageing and pigmentation. Blue light also affects the level of melatonin, our sleep hormone, thereby compromising our beauty sleep.

What’s your solution?

Cover your phones and computers with a blue light shield. Apply topical antioxidants in the form of skincare and eat a diet rich in antioxidants to boost the skin’s defence against environmental damage. Looks like your mom isn’t the only one telling you to eat your fruits and vegetables!

UV rays can penetrate glass and cause premature ageing

You might think that you’re indoors but even then, your skin is unprotected against UV rays. While UVB rays are blocked by glass, more than 50 per cent of UVA rays have the power to penetrate glass. It is these rays that cause premature ageing and even lead to skin cancer. If you’re working from home or are seated next to the windows at work, chances are that the sun rays are easily damaging your skin.

What’s your solution?

Wear sunscreen indoors too. Make this a part of your skin care routine. Don’t underestimate the power of UV rays. A sunscreen will act as a protective shield and stop UV rays from damaging your skin.

Indoor pollution can cause irritability

Indoor pollution is a real irritant! Dust and toxic fumes from chemicals in household cleaners, deodorants, hairsprays, pesticides, floor and furniture polishes, and even air fresheners can lead to skin irritation, breathing problems and other health issues.

What’s your solution?

Be aware of the chemicals you bring into your home and ventilate your indoor space frequently to increase the oxygen levels in the house.

A few lifestyle tweaks can make a world of a difference when it comes to protecting your skin from both indoor and outdoor environmental damage.

Unfortunately, we only worry about the sun and the weather but being indoors can also play havoc on our skin. Long hours in the AC, blue light, electronic usage, toxic fumes, indoor air pollution, and lesser oxygen all contribute to ageing and skin damage. Therefore, we need protective measures indoors just as much as we need them outdoors.

Image Credits: @sonamkapoor (Instagram)

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