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What Makes Skin Care Minimalism The Order Of The Day

A minimalist guide to skincare that tells you why less is always more.

Minimalism seems to be a simplistic way of life but it’s also just as effective. Turns out Marie Kondo-ing everything in your life can actually be a lot more beneficial. So while you are busy de-cluttering your wardrobe, is this way of minimalism also spilling into your skincare routine? If not, this might just be a great idea! Double cleansing, the 12-step Korean skincare routine or over-exfoliating—all of these might be tempting concepts but they do little to change your skin for the better. Find out more on why a minimalist skincare routine is the way to go…

Excessive skincare products strip your skin of moisture

We’ve heard this so many times – “I’m using so many expensive skincare products but I don’t know if it’s helping.” Your skin is the largest organ in the body so it’s only fair that we give it the love it truly needs. Being extra with skincare often compromises your skin barrier, which takes away your skin’s powers to fight pollution, sun damage and other such woes.

Too many products can make your skin more sensitive

Too many ingredients will only confuse your skin. Using too many products can often contain several kinds of ingredients and you’re probably using all of these in a day—something that can leave your skin irritable and therefore, more sensitive, which then takes the form of redness.

Overusing can make your skin overtly oily

Layering your skincare routine or using too many products can in fact make your skin all the more oily thereby making you susceptible to breakouts. At times, you’re probably using too many potent ingredients that can dry out your skin. This is when your sebum glands go into overdrive producing more oil than they should. Therefore, using one simple cleanser and moisturiser works best as opposed to going ham with skincare products.

How to be a skincare minimalist

Most skincare experts advocate the rule of minimalism. In this recent article for Self, Temitayo Ogunleye, M.D., assistant professor of clinical dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, explained how she goes through the many products patients use and tells them to stop using them and instead use only three products.

So what we’re trying to establish here is that you need a face wash that cleanses your skin by removing all the impurities without stripping your skin of natural oils, a moisturiser that hydrates and brightens your skin, a sunscreen that protects your skin and when you’re feeling like a self-care session, a mask that calms your skin down!

In conclusion, find a hardworking product, instead of three products that do more or less the same thing. We promise—your bathroom cabinet will feel much lighter. And so will your skin!

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