A Definitive List of 2019’s Food, Fashion and Travel Trends

From biker shorts to cauliflower diets—here’s looking back at the most viral trends of 2019

Can’t deny 2019 has been a year of all sorts. From a picture of an egg bagging the most likes on Instagram [beating, ahem, Kylie Jenner with the Forbes fame] to ‘ok, boomer’ becoming the ultimate clapback for Gen X’ers, and the most recent viral wave caused by Baby Yoda for being the cutest galactic creature out there — 2019’s pretty much served up something for everyone.

But how many of these managed to keep our attention long enough to call it a trend?

Let’s find out…


Round it up but make it fashion

When it comes to fashion, the streets weigh in as much as the runways. Well, these trends dominated both equally—see it for yourself in these fashion trends of 2019

Bike shorts

Wouldn’t blame you if Kim K’s your first recall — the woman’s pretty much owned the look before passing it on to the Jenner-Hadid clans. For us though, it took Hailey Bieber channeling her inner Princess Diana, rather strikingly, for a photoshoot that had us so-o-old!

Micro bags

Or another way of saying ‘honey, I shrunk the purses’. Micro bags have been quite the ‘it’ accessory for celebs, models, influencers, basically anyone with a knack for giving in to the whimsical and making a statement of it. To them we say — you do you, girl!



Grubbin’ it up, right about now

We could go on about the goodness of all things Avocado, but then we’d probably never get to the point. Because Avocado’s here to stay. But the ones below, are they too?

Acai bowls

There’s no saying if people simply ‘did it for the Gram’ or were actually invested in the fibrous and antioxidant properties of Acai; but the bowls sure did dictate pretty much all the healthy breakfast Insta Stories ever put up.

Cauliflower diets

Oh yes! This is a food trend that’s particularly picked up this year and how. Everything from cauliflower rice, salad and soups to the good old gobi ke parathe, the vegetable has managed to ingrain itself into the lives of all millennials.



Around the world, in travel trends

Millennials are the reason why words like wanderlust and globetrotter went on to become slogan tees. Travel is their way of life, and their travel trends and patterns concur.

Immersive experiences

The millennial cohort has passed the checklist phase of ‘been there, done that’ and are now looking to constantly discover themselves. This means they believe in learning and unlearning, in immersing in experiences unknown to them, all in order to grow and become the best versions of themselves.

Blurring boundaries

Millennials consider themselves to be citizens of the world. They constantly strive to be part of cultures and worlds beyond their own, to experience life in all its authenticity. They believe this to be their way of getting out of their comfort zones, and thus live a life that is unbound and uncaged.

Image Credits: Zoe Report, Shutterstock, Vogue, Pinterest, Love & Lemons, @karliekloss @gigihadid (Instagram)

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