Vitamin F

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin F

Buzzwords and trends in the skincare world come and go but a few are meant to stay. One of those is Vitamin F—that which can protect, hydrate and nourish. Vitamin F for skin enthusiasts is like the Swiss army knife for hunters. Read on as we tell you how your skin can benefit from this magic ingredient!

Every time you think you’re anywhere close to being up-to-date on the hottest skincare trends, something new’s thrown your way. Sounds relatable? You’re not the only one, we promise. You may have seen something called Vitamin F—a new beauty buzzword doing the rounds on the internet, on skincare labels and in health magazines. And if you haven’t, you will soon, for Vitamin F and skin go together like PB and J!

What really is Vitamin F?

Duh. The name says it all…it’s a vitamin!

However, unfortunately, skincare is rarely ever as straightforward as this. When talking skincare, Vitamin E is for protection, C is for lightening and B is for cell turnover. But what in the world is Vitamin F?

While this may not sound too exciting, the “F” in Vitamin F stands for Fats. Moreover, it’s used to refer to linoleic acid—an essential fatty acid. Here’s some science for you: Essential fatty acids are those that our bodies cannot synthesize but certainly need for the sake of maintaining good health (and skin).

This is why ingesting it is held in such high regard—it can go a long way in nourishing the body from inside out. And when it’s the skin in question, another way of soaking in a good dose of Vitamin F—it’s topical application.

Benefits of Vitamin F for Skin

There are more than just a few reasons why Vitamin F and our skin make for a great team.

It Brings Down Inflammation

Simply explained, skin inflammation takes place when the immune system responds to infections, allergies or bacteria. Some of the common symptoms of skin inflammation are redness, itching, tingling and breaking out.

Vitamin F for skin is exceptionally beneficial for it reduces this sort of inflammation.

It Delivers Hydration

Dry-skin peeps have a great reason to fall head over heels with Vitamin F! When applied to the skin, it is used to make ceramides­—a key component of the skin’s outermost layer. This hydrating ingredient plays an important role in keeping the skin moisturised and fresh.

Also, it’s extremely rich in omega-6, which is essentially a type of fat. Now, omega-6 is quite the hero when it comes to retaining water in the skin! What’s great is that it’s extremely lightweight and doesn’t cause any irritation.

It Blocks Out the Bad Stuff

The ceramides that we were just talking about also help with shielding the skin. In addition to retaining the good things—like water; Vitamin F can also block out the bad. Think environmental stressors like pollution, UV light, bacteria and any other irritants.

Just so you know, environmental damage is the #1 cause of dullness and premature ageing. What does that mean? With regular use of Vitamin F, you can say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines. It’s time to shine, you fountain of youth!

It’s A One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Vitamin F doesn’t differentiate. Whether you have dry skin, acne-prone skin, and/or sensitive skin, you can instil your trust in it.

Where Can You Find Vitamin F?

Vitamin F is gaining more and more recognition by the day. It can be sourced from a multitude of foods. In fact, this will give you more bang for the buck, for it will also benefit the rest of your body! Some of our favourite Vitamin F foods are as follows:

Fatty Fish

If you’re a non-vegetarian, salmons and sardines are great Vitamin F foods for you.

Nuts and Seeds

All the vegetarians and vegans out there, fret not! Plant-based foods like almonds, peanuts and sunflower seeds also make for a great choice.

Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils are packed with fat a.k.a Vitamin F. Olive oil and sunflower oil are some of the options. Cook with these oils, use them to dress salads or simply drizzle them on your favourite recipes!

One ingredient, thousand benefits—it’s vitamin F for the win!

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