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How to wake your skin up

DIY skin care tips that help you navigate all-nighters, hangovers and keep you sparkling through rush hour the next day, with the enviable energy of a six-year-old. Especially handy during the festive and wedding seasons.

By the time Diwali rolls around, its back-to-back festivities and weddings until we resurface, glassy-eyed the following year. When the parlours are over-crowded and squeezing in a facial or some downtime to give your skin the rest it needs doesn’t seem at all likely. Here’s what you can do. We’ve picked a handful of quick, on-trend skincare tips that will wake your skin up and keep you glowing on-the-go.

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Wash your face with carbonated water. This DIY trick has been borrowed from Japanese skincare trends of using carbonated water in sheet masks and toners.

Why is this good for your skin?

The pH balance of carbonated water and skin are practically the same (5.5). This means lesser breakouts for you, especially if your skin is already tired and cranky. Reason number 2: It’s great for oxygenation of your skin. What does this mean? Carbonated water basically encourages blood flow to your skin, leaving you looking flushed, healthy and fresh!


Take a warm washcloth and pat your face with it. You don’t have to wait for the stewardess to offer you one, the next time you fly. This can come in handy for a fresh morning start.

Why is this good for your skin?

That feel-good, clean feeling comes from gently opening your pores up, dislodges the dirt, grime and oil build up from the previous night, leaving your face ready to absorb your moisturiser or face oil. 


A facial massage in the steaming shower. From the Mecca of skincare, this Korean skincare tip is said to transform your skin from dull to dazzling in just a few seconds.

Why is this good for your skin?

In Korea, facial massage salons are as common as manicure parlours everywhere else, the Eastern secret to a dewy complexion. Short term benefits of a massage: fresh, plump, hydrated skin, devoid of puffiness. Long term affects: anti-ageing. How? The same way the warm washcloth or the carbonated water increases oxygenation or blood circulation, it helps the skin wake up and breathe. Doing this on the regular will delay those wrinkles for a long time to come!

Wondering how to massage your face? This video covers a few techniques you can master in just a few seconds.


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