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A Life Coach Pens Down Tips On How To Deal With Work-Related Stress

DoYou gets Dr.Anamika Chawhan, a life coach, to share some hacks on how to manage stress to achieve work goals.

I’m Dr Anamika Chawhan—I identify as a wife, mother but professionally, I empower those who chase their dreams and are driven towards achieving their goals. I’ve been a life coach to many professionals from different walks of life but even the most driven of the lot cite stress as a roadblock to success. So if you’re a goal digger, I’ve listed out some tips that might come in handy…

Practise pranic breathing during high stress situations

If you’re stressed due to an upcoming presentation or tight deadlines, practise pranic breathing—the 7-1-7-1 rule (Inhale for 7 counts, hold for 1 count, exhale for 7 counts, hold for 1 count).  This will guide your body in detoxifying itself and help you keep calm. Since I’m a certified Pranic and Reiki healer, this is a suggestion I make to many clients.

Keep a plant on your desk

I strongly suggest keeping a plant on your desk—something that’s sure to relax your eyes. In fact, plants and the colour, green have been scientifically proven to soothe the mind and reduce stress.

Maintain task lists

I’ve noticed how making a to-do list of sorts makes matters easy, especially when the amount of work you get is overwhelming. Strike off whatever is done so you feel a sense of accomplishment. Reflect on what you can do better over the weekend but don’t spend too much time on the same.

Prove your point to your boss

I get that handling tough bosses can cause stress. So I always tell my clients that they need to manage such situations smartly. Your boss need not be right all the time. If you wish to disagree with him/her, do so with facts and proof. Remember that your inputs are important and make sure your voice is heard even if you’re stressed. Who knows you might even get a pat on your back for saving the day at work!

Detach yourself from work

Some of my clients are stressed because they don’t switch off after they leave work. Taking your work home with you can be damaging because that’s when you lose the ability to strike a balance between work and personal life. Learn to detach from work—everything needn’t be taken personally. More importantly, remember to deal with work situations at work itself—don’t stress over it outside of work.

With these tips in mind, your stress levels are sure to come down while your chances of success are sure to go up!

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